Psychoelectronic Threat to Democracy




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  by Mojmir Babacek (partly edited)
 1)   The History – the scandal in the USA and electrical stimulation of the
2)   Mind stimulating devices can alter our psyche
3)   Electrical functioning of human brain
4) Scientific experiments and patents – effects of electromagnetism on
animal and human organisms and brains
5)   American military documents on the development of radiofrequency
6) How the nervous system works and why it can be remotely controlled
7)   The Secret arms race
8) Hushed up scandal in the USSR
9)   The secret conference organized by the American National Laboratory
in Los Alamos
10)  Igor Smirnov’s device and thought control
11) The Russian system SURA, the American system HAARP and the
global mind control
12) In 1997 the U.S. army was pondering the idea of mastering the world
by means of remote control of the activity of human brains
13) European reaction to the building of the American system HAARP
14) Russian reaction to the building of the HAARP system
15) The book by Vladimir Lopatin and Vladimir Tsygankov
16) The Russian Doctrine of Informational Security
17) Conclusion of the Russian State Duma
18) The Kucinich’s bill on Space Preservation Act
19) 2011 Russia threatened to use psychotronic weapons
20) Are psychotronic weapons used?
21) Are there psychotronic weapons based on new physical principles
22) Experiments by Michael Persinger
23) Unconventional research and modern physics
24) Will those new and inhuman weapons be banned?



When in 1951 American secret services started work on Project Artichoke they had set their goals as follows: “Evolution and development of any method by which we can get information from a person against his will and without his knowledge… Can we get control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against such fundamental laws of nature such as self preservation?”.
This publication in the New York Times (1) was a result of the scandal caused by the abuse of the patients at the Canadian mental hospital Allan Memorial Institute. In another CIA report quoted in the New York Times article it is stated: “Many phases of the research in the control of human behavior involve a high degree of sensitivity. The professional reputations of outside researchers are in jeopardy since the objectives of such research are widely regarded as anti-ethical or illegal” (2) The patients of the Allan Memorial Institute were used for the experiments with drugs and drastic psychological experiments inspired by the Soviet political processes. They were placed in total isolation and deprived of sensory perception. When the CIA learned that they intended to start legal proceedings against the Allan Memorial Institute, they issued an order to destroy all the documents on the MKULTRA project. The reason was to get rid of the evidence of their involvement in the experiments and to protect other secret subprograms of the MKULTRA project from leaking to the public. Even if this order might have been only fictitious the CIA omitted to destroy the financial records of the MKULTRA project (3). This is how, in August 1977, the scandal broke out and some of the secret documents on the research leaked out. Among them were CIA memorandums on the experiments with cats used as remote controlled microphones and dogs used as remote controlled bombs.
     Scientific experiments with the electrical stimulation of the brain presented remarkable results which promised the CIA much better chances in controling human behavior than the use of chemicals like LSD, a chemical they had experimented with before. The signals in the nerves, in the brain, and the whole body are carried by weak electrical impulses, which, when passing from one nervous fiber to another, are transferred by chemical reactions. This opens the road to both chemical and electrical control of the brain activity.
The scientists who experimented since 1930 with the electrical stimulation of the brain inserted tiny wires (electrodes) into the brains of animals and humans and stimulated the nerves in different points of the brain by impulses of weak electrical current. In this way they produced reactions normally aroused by sensory perceptions or events inside of the organism. In the early sixties the CIA used this method to experiment on dogs and cats as guided microphones and bombs. The report on MKULTRA sub-project 94 issued in October 1960 read: “Initial biological work on techniques and brain locations essential to providing conditioning and control of animals has been completed…The feasibility of remote control of activities in several species of animals has been demonstrated. The present investigations are directed toward improvement of techniques” (4). The CIA research staff memorandum for the deputy director of the agency of April 21, 1961 states a production capability: “At present time we feel that we are close to having debugged a prototype system whereby dogs can be guided along specific courses through land areas out of sight and at some distance from the operator… In addition to its possible practical value in operations, this phenomenon is a very useful research tool in the area of the behavioral sciences. Dr. {blanked out} is taking appropriate action to exploit our knowledge of this area and provide adequate background for the development of future Agency applications in the general areas of Influencing Human Behavior, Indirect Assessment, and Interrogation Aids” (4)
In 1969 Dr. Jose Delgado, a Yale psychologist, published a book “Physical Control of the mind, Toward a Psychocivilized Society” (5). In this book he presented the results of the 30 year long research. The scientists had succeeded in mapping out the relations between different points in the brain and all kinds of activities, functions and sensations of humans and animals. 100 stimulations of one point in the bull‘s brain made him bellow 100 times. The stimulation of the motion center in the cat‘s brain by electric current of 1.2 miliampere made it raise his hind foot above the floor, at 1.5 miliampere it raised the foot by 4 cm, at 1.8. miliampere it raised the foot all the way up, at 2 miliamperes it raised its foot, even during a jump, causing the cat to land badly. When a man was asked to straighten his hand which was stimulated to bend, he replied “I think your electricity is stronger then my will.” By means of electrical stimulation of the brain the rhythm of breathing and heart beat (this was even stopped for several pulses) was affected as well as the function of the most viscera – like the secretion of the gall bladder. Frowning, opening and closing of eyes and mouth, chewing, yawning, sleep, dizziness, epileptic seizures in healthy persons etc. were induced as well.
The behavior aroused by stimulation was purposeful – a cat with whom the licking was induced was looking for something to lick. Stimulation of more superior nerves in the brain produced more complex movements: a monkey would walk whenever the stimulation of a point in the brain started and sat back down to eat its food whenever the stimulation was stopped. The stimulation of points in the brain where feelings and emotions reside produced decisions. A passive, depressed woman tore up a piece of paper when her center of anger was stimulated: “I did not control myself. I had to get up and tear.”, she commented. An aggressive woman, with the same point stimulated, got up and smashed the guitar she was playing against the wall until the stimulation stopped. The intensity of feelings could be controlled by turning the knob which controlled the intensity of the electric current. When the pleasure center was stimulated women offered marriage to therapists. Stimulation of a point in a monkey‘s brain stopped her maternal behavior toward a newborn baby. When the limbic system was stimulated the patients’s vigilance weakened, they lost capacity to think, often they began to undress or grope and when the stimulation stopped they did not remember it. The proximity of human inventions to nature documents the best experiment when the electrodes were implanted in the cat’s internal ear and connected with an amplifier and loudspeakers. The cat’s internal ear then functioned as a microphone converting the sounds into electrical impulses which were collected by electrodes and from the loudspeakers sounded the words whispered into the cat’s ear (remember the use of cats by the CIA as guided microphones). John Stanton Yeomans, in his book “Principles of Brain Stimulation” (6) of 1990, describes an experiment where, by the electrical stimulation of visual brain center the perception of Braille characters in blind persons was induced. They have learned to read them. John Stanton Yeomans writes that by the electrical stimulation of the brain hundreds of reactions were produced including complex thoughts. In 2015 scientists were already able to send through electrodes signals into the mice brains, which changed their memories and actions when they woke up from sleep. As well they were switching on and off fearful memories and converting negative emotional memories to positive ones and vice versa (107).
Jose Delgado himself became world known when he faced a charging bull, fitted with electrodes and with no other protection save the small black box in his hands, with which he had goaded the bull to become further enraged. Then with the bull almost upon him, he pressed another button and the animal promptly stopped in its tracks. At the end of his book Jose Delgado states that the hope that the new power acquired by behavioral science will remain limited to scientists or some charitable elite does not raise neither distant nor recent past and that the control of human behavior will quickly progress in methodology as well as in  applicability. He proposed to employ this new knowledge to create a “psychocivilized society”.
     Gordon Thomas (the author of the book inspired by the abuse of mental patients in Montreal used for the CIA drug and psychological research) who, besides the CIA documents, based his book on interviews with the former CIA employees describes the visit of the director of the CIA Office of Research and Development at the CIA directors office in 1972 where he enthused that the electrical stimulation of the brain was the key to creating not only a psychocivilized person but an entire psychocivilized society – a world where every human thought, emotion, sensation and desire could be actually controlled by electrical stimulation of the brain. If the CIA tried to use the electrical brain stimulation to produce the new generation of the lie detector they would have to implant the electrodes in the points in the brain where the thoughts origin in both the investigator and the interrogated and connect them. In the same way if they wished to control somebody‘s behavior he would have to “obey” his “boss‘s” thoughts. Of course this would be a very clumsy way to do it. But the methods of brain stimulation and registration of brain activity were progressing fast. Gordon Thomas describes in his book on the CIA mind control research (3) a  “Schwitzgebel machine” which allegedly the CIA produced in 1972. “Using the latest computer technology (dr. Aldrich) developed Rubenstein‘s earlier work on radio telemetry and the unfulfilled dream… of a world of electrically  monitored people became that much more of a reality…” The Schwitzgebel machine consisted of a Behavior Transmitter-Reinforcer fitted to a body belt that “received from and transmitted signals to a radio module”. The Schwitzgebel machine was able “to record all physical and neurological signs in a subject from up to a quarter of a mile” (7).
     Such a device certainly could not be based in electrodes inserted in the skull. It had to be a device which would pick up the electromagnetic waves emerging from the brain due to its activity, analyze them, and eventually transmit back into the brain electromagnetic waves which would correct its activity. In this way people prone to violent behavior could be stopped before the attack in the same way as the bull attacking Jose Delgado.
That sounds incredible, but maybe it will help if we start with an explanation how the mind stimulators, which are available on the market, work.


At present time there is large number of types of mind stimulating machines on the market. Historically the first method to influence the performance of human mind was called biofeedback. A man could see on the screen the course of his electroencephalographic recordings and tried to make prevail certain waves. On the electroencephalogram the brain waves are divided into alpha, beta, theta and delta waves. The beta waves oscillate 14 – 40 times per second. This means their frequency is 14 – 40 Hertz (Hz). They prevail in the brain activity when a man is concentrating on some task. The alpha waves frequency is 8 -13 Hz and they prevail with the eyes closed when a man is inactive. Theta waves oscillate at a frequency of 4 to 8 times per second and they dominate on electroencephalogram only shortly before a man falls asleep. But during the childhood the brain activity is dominated by those waves. The delta waves frequency is from 0 to 4 Hz and prevail while a man is asleep. When a man, trying to master his brain waves, succeeds in transfer to theta rhythm while being awake, often it happens to him that he is invaded by vivid memories from his childhood, which refers to the stage of life when theta waves are dominant in the brain activity. If he succeeds in getting into the alpha rhythm he can remember much better what he is learning. The dominance of alpha waves recedes between 16 and 18 years of age.
Already in the 30s it was found out that the brain waves synchronize their activity to the pulsed light. If a stroboscope, blinking at the frequency of 10 times per second, is aimed at the human eyes the EEG recordings will show the same prevalent frequency in the brain activity. This is also documented by the recent mass occurrence of epileptic seizures in Japan to the people watching on TV an animated cartoon where suddenly certain frequency of light signals appeared. In scientific language this kind of stimulation is called photic driving and it is well known that an epileptic seizure can be produced by certain frequency of orange light. By pulsed light signals it is also feasible to tune the brain into alpha waves in order to remember well what is one learning or into theta waves in order to get into a state of deep relaxation.
The same effect on the human brain can produce rhythmic sound. It is well known how the aborigines get into trance while dancing to drums. The modern science found other ways how to influence human brain by sound frequencies. For example if you deliver to one ear a sound in the frequency of 200 Hz and into the other one the sound in the frequency of 210 Hz , the electric frequency of 10 Hz will dominate in the brain, since large portions of neurons in the brain will synchronize the frequency of their activity to this external impulse. This phenomenon is called entrainment. In other words by means of external stimulation by certain frequencies it is possible to change our brain activity and our frame of mind. How does this change happen? All the brain activity is a system of electric and chemical reactions. The neuroscientist Norman Shealy measured the chemical changes in the brain at the frequency of 7,8 Hz which is the frequency at which the ionosphere oscillates and those oscillation propagate as electromagnetic waves down to the earth. Norman Shealy found out that if the brain is tuned (by light or sound stimulation) to this frequency the production of growth hormones increases by 25 % as well as the production of gonadoliberin (which influences sexual organs and hormones) and oxytocin (which produces the feelings of love). The production of betaendorphin (which causes feeling of euphory) increased substantially as well. This goes to prove that different brain frequencies cause the production of different chemicals in the brain and body which influence our mood and motivation and that the production of those chemicals is dependent on certain frequencies of brain activity.
Apart from light and sound stimulators cranial electric brain stimulators are on the market. They act directly upon the electric frequencies in the brain. Michael Hutchinson, in the book Megabrain Power (8), predicts that soon there will be on the market the systems with biofeedback which will make possible to watch ones dominant brain frequencies on the screen. Those systems will store in their memories thousands of programs enabling the user to get in whatever state of mind and pass all kinds of experiences in the same way as when you are switching the channels on TV. Michael Hutchinson writes that the technology for such systems is already in existence. It is quite a serious question whether he is not talking here about the military technology.
In 1986 the United States Attorney General held a conference on the Less than Lethal Weapons. In the report on this conference among others is stated: “Participants also discussed the use of various wave lengths and forms of administration of electromagnetic energy as a non-lethal weapon. A substantial amount of preliminary research has been conducted in this area… One conference participant noted that scientific knowledge of human physiology is progressing to the point where it may soon be possible to target specific physiologic systems with specific frequencies of electromagnetic radiation to produce much more subtle and fine-tuned effects than those produced by photic driving (9).”
The notion that it may be possible to achieve by electromagnetic radiation the same effects that were achieved by electrical stimulation of the brain is dismaying, because it means that any person could be whenever attacked by electromagnetic radiation and deprived of his or her freedom of decision making or even killed without any evidence which would prove that he or she was assassinated. Let us see, how high is the probability, that such attacks are feasible.


Today everybody knows that electroencephalogram picks up the main brain frequencies, which are changing according to whether a human being is asleep, awake or concentrates on some task. The changes of polarization of neurons, which are being picked up by electroencephalogram on the surface of the skin, are produced by the activity of neurons inside of the brain. When in the brain activity prevail firings of neurons which are repeated less than four times per second, the electroencephalogram picks up the frequency of four Hertz and the human being is asleep. When a human being closes its eyes and does nothing, the electroencephalogram shows frequencies from 8 to 13 Hertz. When a human being concentrates on some task, then frequencies from 14 to 40 Hertz prevail.
We have said that electroencephalogram shows the activity of neurons inside of the brain. What the activity of the neurons inside of the brain looks like?
Water makes up significant portion of the human body – 55 – 70%. Large portions of this water contain particles which have either accepted or lost an electron and therefore, they have either a positive or negative charge. Those particles may be atoms, molecules or clusters of atoms or molecules. They are called ions. Since liquids in the human body are full of those ions, they can be compared to electrolytes or liquids which conduct electrical current.
The most important part in the activity of the human nervous system represent  electrical currents, which are occurring as flows of those charged particles in the nerve fibers. While in electrical wires the electrical current is a flow of free electrons, in the human body and the human nervous system it is a flow of charged ions.
The sources of electrical currents in the nerve fibers, which produce the activity of the human nervous system, are neuronal membranes. The electrical currents start to flow in the nervous fibers, as a result of a change of voltage between the inner and outer surface of neuronal membranes. This change of voltage, on the other hand, is principally caused by electrical currents in the electrolyte which is inside nerve fibers.
In 2014, Chinese scientists published the results of an experiment in which they searched for microwave conductivity of electrolyte solutions. In the introduction they stressed that their experiment „plays an important role in investigating the interaction between electromagnetic waves and biological tissues that have high water content and a significant concentration of ions“. For their experiment they used a solution of salt. The chemical formula of salt is NaCl. It means it contains atoms of sodium and chloride. Ions of both of those atoms play an important role in the firing of nerve cells. The experiment proved that this electrolyte is conductive for microwaves up to 20 gigahertz frequency. The conductivity decreased with the growing frequency. The highest conductivity was achieved with frequencies ranging from 0,1 to 6 GHz. For the solutions with higher contents of salt the conductivity of electrolytes was higher with microwaves than with direct current (76). In other words, the microwaves produced electrical currents in electrolytes, which means that if microwaves penetrate into the electrolyte which is inside the nerve fibers, they will produce electrical currents in there. One could guess that eventually microwaves could be more effective for the manipulation of the activity of the human nervous system, than electrodes inside of the brain.
The nervous system is controlled by neurons called axons. Their membranes react to the electrical currents in the electrolyte which fills their nerve fibers by producing electrical currents. This will then trigger the spreading of the nervous signal in the nervous system.
Now, if a human being is supposed to feel something, do something or think about something, it is necessary that large quantities of neurons start firing at the same frequency. So, if the electrolytes in the nerve fibers are reached by microwaves, which are pulsed in the nervous activity’s frequencies, the membranes of axons which control the nervous system’s activity and react to electrical voltage’s changes in the nerve fibers by initiating nerve firing, will react to inflow-frequencies of electrical currents. These currents will be produced by frequencies in which microwaves will be pulsed. In this way, the electrolytes in the nervous tissue will function as antennas and the human nervous system will be controlled by pulsed microwaves, targeting the human body.
The MCS America organization, which fights against pollution, confirms this conclusion in its study on Electromagnetic Fields Sensitivity. The study states: „The body can collect the signal and turn it into electric currents just like the antenna of a radio set or a cell phone. These currents are carried by ions… flowing through the living tissues and in the blood vessels (a system of tubes full of an ellectrically-conducting salty fluid that connect almost every part of the body) when these currents impinge on cell membranes, which are normally electrically charged, they try to vibrate in time with the current“ (77) (let us note that a neuron is a cell as well).
The study goes on stating: „The mechanism of demodulation is controversial, but there is no doubt that it occurs. The best explanation is that the multitude of minute ion channels found in cell membranes act as electrically biased point contact diodes… these can rectify and demodulate the signal even at microwave frequencies… A cell phone signal, when demodulated in this way, generates a whole family of low frequency components, some of which are biologically-active and cause membrane leakage. One consequence of this leakage is to make the sensory cells of electrosensitive individuals give a whole range of false sensations“. To explain it in greater detail: the reason why the cell phone radiation produces false sensations in some individuals is that the information transfer in cell phone systems is carried out by low frequency microwave pulses which reach the electrolyte in electrosensitive individuals‘ nervous systems. Since the nervous activity takes place in low frequencies, it is triggered or incited by those pulses.


The condition for the transformation of electromagnetic energy into electrical energy is that the “receiver” is tuned to the same frequency in which the electromagnetic energy is emitted. So radio waves, which belong among electromagnetic waves, can also produce the flow of electric current in the brain, if they are tuned to the frequencies in which the nerve impulses are transferred. There are two objections opposed to this theory. First the extra low frequencies which are produced by the activity of human brain are way too long to make it feasible to target such a small object like the human being or animal is – a 10 Hz wave is about 20.000 miles long. This problem circumvented the scientists by the use of microwaves pulsed at extra low frequencies. But there the second objection comes in question – such signals have microwave properties and can not penetrate the human tissue. For the answer to that question the scientists are searching until present time, but in the meanwhile they experiment with the frequencies of microwaves at which the electromagnetic radiation affects organisms and brains.
The evidence for the effects of electromagnetic signals on isolated neurons published in 1975 H. Wachtel in the Annals of New York Academy of Sciences (10). The whole volume of this issue (over 500 pages) is dedicated to the Conference on “Biological Effects on Non-ionizing Radiation”. The introductory lecture was delivered by captain Paul Tyler, director of the U.S. Navy Electromagnetic Radiation Project between 1970 and 1977. Among the reasons for his presence at the conference was an effort to persuade the scientists to hire psychologists on the research teams. In other words the Navy intended to study the ways how to influence the human psyche by microwaves.
In the experiment of H. Wachtel the microwaves in the frequencies of 1,5 and 2,45 Ghz, pulsed and not pulsed induced the activity of isolated neurons. In 1966 Juri Chlodov and R. A. Chizenkova noted a desynchronisation in the dominant rhythm of electroencephalogram with rats and rabbits whenever a magnetic field of 200 – 1000 gauss was turned on or off (11). As we know from school magnetic field and electric current allways interact.
The specialized effect of electromagnetic radiation on individual brain system was proved by experiments repeated by many scientists. The irradiation of dogs, cats, rabbits, rats and frogs by electromagnetic fields of 2 – 5 milliwatts per square centimeter density produced desynchronization in basal rhythm in the brain (12). Or in other words it ruptured basic frequencies of the functioning of the brains of animals.
The interaction of electromagnetic radiation and chemicals in the brain is documented by the experiment of McAffee (1961, 1962 and 1970) when irradiation of rats heads by 20 and 40 mW/cm2 microwaves pulsed at 300, 600 and 1000 Hz during 5 minutes woke the rats up from narcosis (13). It means the effect of chemical narcosis was canceled out by electromagnetic radiation, the effects of which in the brain prevailed over the effects of chemicals.
At a conference on “Emerging Electromagnetic Medicine” in 1989 Cpt. Tyler in his lecture quoted the research of Dr. Merrit who measured the decrease of norepinephrine, serotonine and dopamin when a field of 80 mW/cm2 was applied. All those hormones act as neurotransmitters into the cortex. Dopamin influences the ability to learn and other cognitive abilities (14). In another experiment a 500Hz signal produced release of neradrenaline in sympathetical neurons. Since those neurons control the muscles of internal organs and noraderenaline acts there as a neurotransmitter, this signal should be able to influence the activity of internal organs (15).
The publication of the World Health Organization on the effects of electromagnetic radiation on living organisms from 1981 gives many examples of the effects of this radiation on the excretion of glands, chemical composition of blood, eyes (for example corneal cataract), molecules of DNA and genetics, the development of organisms and behavior of animals (16). Robert Becker , in the book Cross Currents (17) refers to the work of A. Liboff who proved that it is possible, by means of electromagnetic radiation, to stop the process of the division of the cell in the moment when the cell is dividing.
One of the military uses of those discoveries is perhaps derived from the experiment of B. Servantie, who in 1974 found out that rats exposed during 10 – 15 days to microwaves pulsed at 500 Hz were significantly less susceptible to paralyzing curare like drugs than normal rats (18). In the Final Report on Biotechnology Research Requirements for Aeronautical Systems Through the Year 2000 it is stated: ”Using relatively low-level RFR (radiofrequency radiation), it may be possible to sensitize large military groups to extremely dispersed amounts of biological or chemical agents to which the unirradiated population would be immune” (19). In other words, if the enemy troops breathe in or drink in water those agents, it is possible to produce effects in their organisms which will not be produced in the organisms of our own troops or civil population. Similarly dangerous is the finding of Allan Frey that radio frequency radiation can weaken the blood -brain barrier which prevents poisonous chemicals from the access into the brain (20).
Jose Delgado also abandoned research of electrical stimulation in favor of electromagnetic stimulation. In 1985 Kathleen McAuliffe visited him in his laboratory in Spain and then wrote an article for the magazine OMNI. Jose Delgado showed her how he can make an ape fall asleep or make her overactive or how he can calm down the fighting fish by radiofrequency radiation. Important is also his experiment where the irradiation of chicken embryos by 10, 100 and 1000 Hz stopped their development including the development of hearts and veins. The experiment was replicated by the American Navy with the same results (21).
The American Office of Naval Research has been collecting scientific reports on the biological effects of RFR since 1974. In the nineties of the past century their collection was growing by over 1000 papers each year (22). The great majority of published experiments was performed on animals. The experiments with people (as we will see later) are evidently reserved to secret military projects.
In the already mentioned report of the World Health Organization (16) it is stated that the first studies on the effects of radio frequencies on human beings were performed in Poland, Czechoslovakia and USSR in the fifties. The research was carried out in clinics and industrial environment and the authors of publications (Bartanski, Czerski, Marha and Presman) concluded that microwaves can cause headaches, fatigue, weakness of the body, dizziness, changes of the mood, confusion and sleeplessness.
In the already quoted article in the magazine OMNI (21) Capt. Tyler says: ”Probably many things that can be done chemically could also be done electrically. With the right electromagnetic field, for example, you might be able to produce the same effects as psychoactive drugs”. Apparently he refers to the work of English Dr. Patterson who he talked about in his lecture at the conference on Emerging Electromagnetic Medicine. Dr. Patterson is using the cranial electrical brain stimulator which is fully programmed and automated for different groups of drugs, their combinations and long-term abstination syndromes such as depression and sleeplessness.
In the already mentioned experiment by McAffee (13) the microwaves pulsed at 300, 600 and 1000 Hz produced uneasiness to breath (leading even to suffocation) in rats. Capt. Tyler in his contribution to the book ”Low Intensity Conflict and Modern Technology” (19) writes: ”It has also been shown that normal breathing takes place at certain frequencies and amplitudes and not at others. Animals forced to breath at certain unnatural frequencies develop severe respiratory distress.” In the context of his paper those are rather the effects on people that are in question.
In 1968, the Russian academician A.S. Presman published a book ”Electromagnetic Fields and Life” (23) where he presented theory that electromagnetic signals have for the living matter the meaning of information, e.g. that they exert control over its intrinsic processes. In his book he mentions the experiment of S. Turlygin from the year 1937 where centimeter waves induced in people feelings of sleepiness and feebleness. A. S. Presman also gives in his book the history of the progress of knowledge on the effects of electromagnetic fields on the cerebral visual system (24). Already in 1893 a Frenchman D’Arsonval noticed that the electromagnetic field can produce in people a perception of a flash of light. In the following years many other scientists have made the same observation. In 1960 T. Jaski produced by electromagnetic signals at the frequencies 380 – 500 MHz simple visual hallucinations. The list of literary sources at the end of the book of A.S: Presman was already 28 pages long.
One of the highly respected experts working in this field, Ross Adey, who admitted that he was working in military research, published in 1974 the results of experiments with microwaves at frequency 147 MHz pulsed at 6 – 10 Hz and 50 MHz pulsed at 16 Hz. Those signals increased the efflux of calcium ions from nerve cells (25).
Robert Becker, who has been twice nominated for the Nobel prize for the work in this field of science, writes in the book ”Body Electric” (26) that Ross Adey have publicly expressed his expectation that this efflux of calcium ions would interfere with concentration on complex tasks, disrupt sleep patterns, and change brain function in other ways that can not be predicted yet.” (The calcium ions play a key role in the transmission of nerve impulses).
In 1962 published Allan H. Frey in the ”Journal of Applied Physiology” (27) the results of experiments with transmission of sounds into the brain by electromagnetic radiation at a distance of up to 1000 feet. The ”electromagnetic” sounds were heard by deaf as well as sound people. The radiofrequency sound was ”described as being buzz, clicking, hiss or knocking, depending on several transmitter parameters, i.e. pulse width and pulse repetition rate” (frequency) . In his report A. Frey writes that so far only the visual system has been shown to respond to electromagnetic energy and he notices that ”With somewhat different transmission parameters we can induce the perception of severe buffeting of the head..” and ”Changing … parameters again, one can induce a ”pins-and-needles” sensation.” His experiment was replicated several times by other scientists (28). W. A. Guy and others combined the experiment with an experiment with cats (29). They were anaesthetized, paralyzed and placed on artificial ventilation. With their nervous system „immobilized“ in this way the recording were made by means of electrodes of the reactions in their medial geniculate nucleus on the „radiofrequency“ and normal sounds. The reactions were identical and ceased to appear when the cochlea was disabled. So it appears that radiofrequency signals produced their effects in the cochlea and from there spread into other parts of the brain just like normal auditory sensations.
Another, more advanced, experiment with the transmission of radiofrequency sounds into the brain was published only inadvertently. Don R. Justesen used, in the article on „Microwaves and Behavior“ (30), the result of an experiment described to him over the telephone conversation by his colleague J. C. Sharp, who worked on a military project. Joseph C. Sharp was employed on the project Pandora of the American Navy, officially designed to research of the radiofrequency radiation emitted on the American Embassy in Moscow from the 60s until the beginning of 80s. At the Walter Reed Army Institute J. C. Sharp improved the method of A. Frey to the point that he transmitted into his brain words which he could understand.


In the 1986 the American Air Force issued a book “Low Intensity Conflict and Modern Technology” (19). In the foreword Newt Gingrich, member of the U.S. House of Representatives writes: “The United States is on the verge of a dramatic change in its ability to cope with low-intensity conflict… This book is a serious effort to make thinking about and working on low-intensity conflict easier, more understandable and more effective.” The chapter on the “Electromagnetic Spectrum in Low Intensity Conflict” wrote Capt. Paul Tyler. At the beginning he quotes “Final Report on Biotechnology Research Requirements for Aeronautical Systems Through the Year 2000” issued by American Air Force in 1982: “Currently available data allow the projection that specially generated radiofrequency radiation (RFR) fields may pose a powerful and revolutionary antipersonnel military threats… the increasing understanding of the brain as an electrically mediated organ suggested the serious probability that impressed electromagnetic fields can be disruptive to purposeful behavior and may be capable of directing and or interrogating such behavior. Further, the passage of approximately 100 miliamperes through the myocardium can lead to cardiac standstill and death… A rapidly scanning RFR system could provide an effective stun or kill capability over a large area. System effectiveness will be a function of wave form, field intensity, pulse width, repetition frequency, and carrier frequency.”
From the paper of captain Tyler we did not learn anything about the projects of the American Navy he was working for. Robert Becker, in his book Cross Currents presents the report coming from the Microwave Research Department at the Walter Reed Army Institute, where J.C. Sharp carried out his experiment with the transmission of words into the brain by radiofrequency radiation. The report dealt with the effects of pulsed microwaves on nervous system and described the division of testing program into four parts: 1) prompt debilitating effects, 2) prompt stimulation auditory effects (remember J.C. Sharp one more time) 3) work interference (stoppage effects) 4) effects on stimulus controlled behavior. The report presented this conclusion: “Microwave pulses appear to couple to the central nervous system and produce stimulation similar to electrical stimulation unrelated to heat” (42). The idea that with the electromagnetic stimulation of the brain the same effects can be produced as with electric stimulation, as Jose Delgado described it, is dismaying, but apparently true.
American Air Force, according to the Final Report on Biotechnology Research Requirements for Aeronautical Systems Through the Year 2000, divided the research of radiofrequency weapons into three areas:
1) Pulsed RFR Effects” – projected research since 1980 until 1995
2) “Mechanisms of RFR with Living Systems” referred to as “continuation of ongoing research” beginning in 1980 and forecast to conclude around 1997
3) “RFR forced disruptive phenomena” – starting around 1986 with the projected continuation until 2010. In the second volume of this report it was stated that the work on the project is progressing according to the schedule or in advance. The last area of research was in the second volume redefined: “While initial attention should be toward degradation of human performance through thermal loading and electromagnetic field effects, subsequent work should address the possibilities of directing and interrogating mental functioning, using externally applied fields…” (44). This formulation is probably not clear on purpose, but the message looks clear – the intent of the project should be to collect electromagnetic waves emanating from the brain and to transmit them into another brain or computer that would read a person‘s thoughts or to use the same procedure in order to impose somebody else‘s thoughts on another person‘s brain and in this way direct his actions. If it is true what Wolf Singer tells about brain events always differing by frequencies of synchronizations among different brain cells then it is not impossible to find the thoughts frequencies. From the layman‘s point of view the most difficult task is to pick up the brain waves. On Internet pages of IBM Intellectual Property Network you can find a patent number 03951134 (78). The device, described in the patent, is capable to pick up at distance the brain waves of a person, process them by a computer and emit correcting waves which will change the original brain waves.
The military documents quoted here are accessible to the public though the key information about development of mind control technologies is not published in the major media. The only exception was the article in The Washington Post „Mind Games“ (79), published in January 2007. There was published the experiment of the American Air Force from 2002, where poorly intelligible sentences were transmitted into the brains of volunteers via pulsed microwaves. Clearly publication of „transmission of poorly intelligible microwave messages“ did not risk that it will raise public uproar.


In the book “Low Intensity Conflict and Modern Technology” captain Tyler wrote that the effectiveness of radiofrequency control of the battlefield will be „a function of wave form, field intensity, pulse width, repetition frequency, and carrier frequency.” The last line defines the technical principle of the control of cerebral functions. Though it is too short to provide the understanding of how such a technology may work. It is generally known that the information inside of the brain is “translated” and transferred by a number and frequency of nerve impulses, while the intensity of the feeling or perception usually corresponds to the intensity of electrical current. Another phenomenon generally accepted in the modern scientific literature is a synchronization of frequencies of emitted nerve impulses in different parts of the brain in reaction to the stimuli which catch the attention of the brain (34). Per E. Roland from the Laboratory for Brain Research and Positron Emission Tomography at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, engaged in the research of brain activation in reaction to different stimuli. He studied the influx of blood, bringing the nutrition to the activated areas of the brain. In this way he was finding the different areas or columns of neurons which got activated in reaction to different stimuli. He writes that looking at the distribution of those activated areas in the brain, he can tell what is the subject a person is thinking about. Then he asks a question whether those so called “metabolical columns” have common electrophysiological properties, e.g. whether their electrical activity is identical (35). The reply to this question he finds in the work of German scientists Schopman and Stryker from 1981 who “showed that in the visual cortex of the cat, the metabolic columns corresponded with electrophysiologically defined columns in which the neurons had orientation specificity for the stimulus used.” This means that different stimuli produce in the brain different electrical events. In the opposite direction Whitsel and Juliano (1989) found that “metabolic columns only occurred at cortical locations where the neurons possessed electrophysiologically defined functional properties related to the stimulus.” Skarda and Freeman (1987) and Singer (1990) “advanced the concept that neurons in different active columns synchronize their electrical oscillatory activity in response to optimal inputs” (36). Or, in other words, the neurons in those areas synchronize their firing in the same frequency. Wolf Singer (37) describes an experiment where two different stimuli produced at the same time are observed in the brain. They were “represented by two independently oscillating assemblies of cells”. According to Wolf Singer the differences in brain activity in reaction to different stimuli are represented by different groups of neurons oscillating in different frequencies. Walter J. Freeman, who has already for years measured the brain activity in reaction to different stimuli by many microelectrodes at the same time, presented already in 1975 a hypothesis “that a novel external stimulus is broadly transmitted from the primary sensory cortex or thalamus to other parts of the cortex… transmission occurs at some characteristic frequency, and… reception occurs in… sets tuned to that frequency” (36). Electroencephalographers have no
doubt that those are those synchronizations which appear on the EEG recordings and are already capable to recognize on EEG recordings the single words perceived by the subject (80).
And what happens when an external electromagnetic frequency is applied to the brain? H. Frolich from the Department of Physics at the University of Liverpool, England, writes: oscillations produced by coherent excitation of a single polar mode “yield long range, frequency selective, interactions between systems with equal excitation frequencies” (81). In other words it is basically the frequency of nerve impulses e.g. frequency of electrical currents e.g. – from military point of view – frequency of electromagnetic waves that defines the activity of the brain, and we can always bypass the physical perception by electromagnetic signals which will produce, in the brain, the same electrophysiological events as would be produced by the perception or other events in the organism. It means the events in the brain can be produced “synthetically” from the outside. Those findings are supported as well by the experiments of Allan Frey and W. Guy where electromagnetic “acoustic” signals , when tuned to the electrophysiological properties of cochlea or to its natural frequencies and pulse widths, produced in the brain the same events as a normal sound (the same, though electrical, procedure are using cochlear implants which are, at present time, implanted to deaf people). When the parameters of the transmitter (i.e. frequency, pulse width etc.) were changed, it was another brain area which resonated with the electromagnetic signals and so the feeling of severe buffeting on the head or pins and needles sensation was induced. The changed transmitter parameters resonated with another receiver in the brain, which caused there different type of frequency synchronizations. The same effect reflects also the note of Capt. Tyler that “normal breathing takes place at certain frequencies and amplitudes (pulse widths – note of the author) but not at others.” The radiofrequency radiation, when tuned to its frequencies and amplitudes, hits the part of the brain which controls the breathing and imposes another rhythm of breathing or even stops it (remember that Jose Delgado could produce the same effect by means of electric stimulation of the brain).
If we want to broadcast for another “receiver” in the nervous system, we only need to know its parameters to be able to broadcast the information or frequency to which the receiver is tuned up. Just like when tuning our radio receiver we choose the frequency at which its internal circuits will resonate and the result is that we listen to the radio station which we have chosen. John Marks, in his book on CIA mind control research quotes one of CIA research veterans recalling a colleague’s joke: “If you could find the natural radio frequency of a person‘s sphincter, you could make him run out of the room real fast. (45)”.
Different frequencies used in his experiments with animals also Jose Delgado. But this time the only case when the results of his work were presented to public was the article by Kathleen McAuliffe in OMNI magazine. Robert Becker, since she is friend of his, instructed her before her trip to Spain, what questions she should ask Jose Delgado (17). One of those questions was whether, aside of frequencies, other parameters of the transmitter can make difference. Probably being bound by national security information law, Jose Delgado did not answer most of the questions prepared by R. Becker. Anyway the waveforms, intensity of the electric current, the pulse width and carrier frequency are being quoted in the scientific papers on experiments.
Captain Tyler, in the continuation of his paper on Electromagnetic Spectrum in Low Intensity Conflict also quotes a scientific work (39) presenting the evidence (though not very important) that the biological effects of millimeter waves depend on the applied frequency and comes forward with the conclusion: “Because of many parameters involved and the apparent specificity of each parameter one can tailor a specific response. The ability to have this kind of flexibility provides an enormous range of options to the user. It opens the door for providing an appropriate response in warfare, be it conventional or unconventional.” Of course he does not support this statement by the results of secret military experiments. Frequently he took part in scientific conferences, but he talked there only about the work of other scientists which is unusual. Normally every scientist talks about his own research., but again it is not difficult to understand that he can not publish the secret military research. If you object that the range of frequencies in which the human nervous system works is too narrow to provide for so wide choice of reactions, Capt. Tyler writes: “There are unconfirmed reports that change of 0.01 Hz can make a difference.” The word “unconfirmed” he uses rather inappropriately since many experiments and patents are defining the used frequencies in hundredths of Hertz. In addition in the neocortex (the latest layer of the human brain) apparently prevail frequencies from 35 to 75 Hz (34, 35) (those frequencies do not appear on EEG so they were until recently unknown).
Jose Delgado also told to Kathleen McAuliffe that electromagnetic radiation, causing reactions in the brain, produces there electric currents hundreds of times weaker than necessary to induce the nerve impulse. Capt. Tyler answers this question as well, using his knowledge of modern scientific literature, he writes: “intrinsic electromagnetic fields play a key role in a wide range of biological functions, including… information transfer and storage, particularly in the central nervous system.” Those lines mean a revolution in the understanding of the nervous system functioning: “Some recent theoretical research has looked at the classical neuronal synapse and proposed that… it must be a quantum mechanical event.” This aims to support the results of experiments with entrainment of brain activity by external electromagnetic radiation. The scientific research based on those experiments is theorizing that the nerve impulse is evoked not only by electrical impulses advancing along nerve fibers, but also by the effect of electromagnetic waves coming from surrounding neurons and perineuronal cells. Ross Adey supports this theory by measurements of electromagnetic oscillations in pericellular fluid and glia cells by means of microelectrodes (40). Of course, if it is true that electromagnetic oscillations play a role in the transfer of information inside of the brain, we can understand why the external electromagnetic radiation can control the activity of the brain. (Note: still in 1983 at the conference on the Nonlinear Electrodynamics in Biological System (41) the scientists only theorized on how this radiation propagates inside of the tissue and how does it get there. Ross Adey himself, in the introduction to the book covering this conference admits that: “Experimental knowledge in this area has grown rapidly in the past decade, and in some respects has outstripped theoretical models adequate to explain these new observations.” – To complete the information – in the brain functioning the nonlinear wave mechanics are at work and for the computations the mathematics of chaos are applied. Also the brain does not react to the radiation that does not carry the biological information (43)).


Robert Becker, in the book “Body Electric” was probably the first American to publish the presence of the Soviet, so called psychoactive, signal in the USA. According to him the signal appeared on the bicentennial celebration of July 4, 1976. Robert Becker writes that the signal varies up and down through the frequencies between 3.26 and 17.54 MHz and is pulse-modulated at a rate of several times a second. Its source was located at a giant transmitter near Kiev in the USSR. As to the effects of the radiation, Robert Becker is not quite sure, but he writes: “The available evidence… suggests that the Russian woodpecker is a multipurpose radiation that combines a submarine link with an experimental attack on the American people” (20). Officially the Soviet radiation was never decoded as well as the radiation broadcasted at the American Embassy in Moscow, though for the analysis of this radiation the project Pandora was launched by the American Navy. Robert Becker mentions also the possible American retaliation. He writes about an American reporter, Stefan Rednip, who claimed, in 1978, that he gained access to purloined CIA documents “proving the existence of a program called Operation Pique, which included bouncing radio signals off the ionosphere to affect the mental functions of people in selected areas, including Eastern European nuclear installations.”
John Marks, in the book “CIA and Mind Control – the Search for Manchurian Candidate” quotes one of the CIA researchers from the era of MKULTRA project: “The rest of the world didn‘t ask until 1976 the type of questions we’re facing in 1965… Everybody was afraid of building the super soldier who would take orders without questioning like the kamikaze pilot. Creating a subservient society was not out of sight” (45).
It is difficult to assess which of the superpowers was behind in this area in 1976 and which one is behind today. Certainly since the appearance of the Soviet signal in the USA several articles appeared in the U.S. press publicizing the Soviet national security information pertaining to the development of the equipment influencing human body and psyche since the Soviet signal appeared in the USA in 1976. According to the information I did not manage to verify already in November 1976 the Los Angelos Herald-Examiner published an article entitled “Mind-Altering Microwaves, Soviets Studying Invisible Ray”. The author of the article writes: “A newly declassified U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency report says – extensive Soviet research into microwaves might lead to methods of causing disoriented human behavior, nerve disorders or even heart attacks…”
Another article on this subject wrote John B. Alexander, who later became the director of Los Alamos National Laboratory, in 1980 for the monthly Military Review. He writes: “… there are weapon systems that operate on the power of the mind and whose lethal capacity has already been demonstrated… the ability to heal or cause disease can be transmitted over distance thus inducing illness or death for no apparent cause… The application of large-scale ELF (extra low frequency) behavior modification could have horrendous impact… mind-to-mind thought induction techniques are also being considered…” As a source of information John B. Alexander indicates two Defense Intelligence Agency reports released through the Freedom of Information Act (or in other words declassified). On the American research he writes: “The U.S. government is reported to have funded some research projects, but these have not been published” (46).
In about 1985 the American CNN TV station broadcasted in the “Special Assignment” series a program on Russian electromagnetic weapons (47). The first part concentrated on directed energy weapons. There was talk about weapons capable to cook people alive (recall microwave oven) and knock out computers and electronic surveillance and communications gear. In this way the airplanes and guided missiles could be placed out of use. The directed energy weapons could also produce the explosions in the extent of nuclear explosions which would not cause radioactivity. The American military experts asserted that the Soviets are ahead of the USA in this research.
The second part of the broadcasting was dedicated to Soviet research of radiofrequency mind control weapons. Though from the beginning, the subject was the Soviet research, the American scientists conveyed rather their own research experiences. Jose Delgado said: “Any function of the brain – emotions, intellect, personality – could we perhaps modified by this non-invasive technology” and “the beauty is that now we are not using electrodes”. Instead of the expert from the American Navy who wished not to reveal his identity spoke an actor. He repeated in short what captain Tyler told to Kathleen McAuliffe about the substitution of psychoactive drugs by radiofrequency radiation and what captain Tyler wrote in the book Low Intensity Conflict and Modern Technology: “Apparently there are specific sites involved, specific functions involved. It‘s a matter of matching up just like it is with a pill or a drug, to cause an effect you could have a cause and effect relationship between a magnetic field and a biological function”. Next eng. William Van Bise and Elisabeth Rauscher demonstrated on the moderator the induction of visual hallucinations by “RF (radiofrequency) mind interference machine”. The blindfolded moderator could see parabola and than a spike. Eng. Van Bise and E. Rauscher asserted that they had constructed the machine using the data found in Soviet scientific literature, but Robert Becker, in his book “Cross Currents” (17) writes about this machine being invention of eng. Van Bise and E. Rauscher themselves. It is difficult to believe that such instructions could be found in the non-classified Soviet scientific literature, as well.
Next, in the CNN program perhaps the first time in the American mass media, the presence of the Soviet “psychoactive “ signal in the USA was disclosed. Robert Becker, in contrast with what he wrote in his book, said that “The signal range within which the Woodpecker operates is that which has been reported by many investigators to produce a tranquilizing effect on animals”. “Captain Tyler” commented on it that “It‘s possible to entrain a certain percentage of a population, apparently, with weak magnetic fields” (do not forget that electricity and magnetism always interact).
In the conclusion “Paul Tyler” and dr. Fraser from the American Air Force asserted that they worked on American projects of radiofrequency weapons, but that the Navy as well as the Air Force “never followed up”. This is in contradiction with the project of the American Air Force quoted in preceding chapters of this book.
In April 1993 the Russia declassified the electromagnetic weapon capable to destroy any object in the atmosphere “no matter whether it is a missile… an airplane or any other artificial or real heavenly object of the type of meteorite” (48). Whether it was true or not only the first part of the CNN broadcasting, on directed energy weapons, was declassified in Russia.
According to another report “made available” by the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency to the magazine The Enquirer: “Russia is deeply involved in researching ways to use microwaves to induce disease, control minds and even kill…” The article states that “Microwaves have been used to produce heart attacks in frogs” (but according to Robert Becker (20) the same experiments carried out Allan H. Frey), and in people “headaches, fatigue, perspiring, dizziness, menstrual disorders, irritability, tension, drowsiness, sleeplessness, depression, forgetfulness, and lack of concentration “ (49) (recall Ross Adey). According to the report by the peace activist Kim Bealy, the women who, at the end of 70s and beginning of 80s, blocked the American base at Greenhom Common in Great Britain suffered from severe headaches, drowsiness, menstrual bleeding at abnormal times,… temporary paralysis, faulty speech coordination…, vertigo, retinal bleeding, burnt face (even at night), nausea, sleep disturbances, lack of concentration, irritability, disorientation, loss of memory and a sense of panic in non-panic situations (I underlined the concurrent symptoms – again it is a matter of question whether the American Defense Intelligence Agency had ever gained access to the Soviet secret research documents.) From the same symptoms suffered the women‘s visitors in the course of their visits. Strong signals up to one hundred times the normal background level were detected by members of Electronics for Peace and by others… signals 10 times stronger than those felt to be emanating from normal base transmitting systems were found. In the Enquirer‘s article also another Pandora researcher, dr. Milton Zarret, admitted that the U.S. Navy experimented with human volunteers inducing “an early stage of heart disease”.
At the end of 1990 the American daily Washington Post brought an article voicing the American armed forces and intelligence services alarm over the Russian progress in the development of extrasensorial capacities: “According to the communications of Russian defectors Russians have success in influencing human behavior, changing human feelings and health condition, incurring unconsciousness and even killing people… In one of the documents from the headquarters of the Intelligence Service at the American Department of Defense it is stated that the Soviet experiments impose on the recipient disquietude combined with shortwindedness (recall the remark by Capt. Tyler about the respiratory distress) , and the feeling of severe buffeting on the head (recall the experiment of Allan Frey)… Some western observers of extrasensorial developments are alarmed… by inauspicious effects of methods of subconscious influencing when used against the U.S. staff operating the nuclear missiles” (50).
This time, with the central power in the Soviet Union weakened under the Gorbachov‘s regime, the Russian daily Komsomolskaya Pravda reacted to the Washington Posta article and opened an investigation into the facts justifying these hints. In an article of November 14, 1990 A. Okhatrin, the candidate of technical sciences, expressed the opinion that in principle it is feasible to construct the “enslaving machine” and that it is not out of question that it is under construction. He was describing his research in microleptonic biofields, which penetrate all barriers and could be used for manipulation of the activity of human brain as well. Komsomolskaya Pravda promised to publish the series of articles on this subject, but, evidently under the pressure of the Soviet government agencies, already in the article of January 25, 1991 (51) the director of the Institute of Neurology of the Soviet Academy of Sciences told the journalists that it is possible to change the mood of a man by means of electric signals, but not to break his self-control, thus denying the results of research by Jose Delgado. At the question whether it is possible to produce the same effect by influencing the electromagnetic field of the brain he replied that he does not know anything about it.


However, during the failed putsch against Michail Gorbachov, in August 1991, the general Kobets warned the defenders of the Russian White House against the possible use of psychotronic weapons (52). Shortly after the putsch, on August 27, Komsomolskaya Pravda published the statement by Victor Sedletski, the vice president of the League of Independent Scientists of the USSR, where he wrote: “As an expert and juridical personality I declare: In Kiev (and this is serious) the mass production … of psychotronic biogenerators was launched. I can not assert that during the coup d‘etat exactly the Kiev generators were used… All the same the fact that they were used is evident to me. What are the psychotronic generators? It is an electronic equipment producing the effect of guided control in human organism. It affects especially the left and right hemisphere of the cortex. This is also the technology of the U.S. project Zombie 5. Similar work is done in the Soviet Union, especially in Kiev in the Institute for the Research of Materials. The laboratory of one of its sections is located in the living quarters of the city. There are located biogenerators produced by the Octava factory. I am drawing on my personal experience and I can tell that I am myself the author of the model of such a generator. I completed my work in August 1990… Why the system failed in the days of the putsch? The putschists, having no experience, did not know, that to get the desired reaction the brainwashed soldiers must not be allowed to mingle with the crowd in the streets” (53).
When the reporters from Komsomolskaya Pravda, after the publication of this statement, tried to reach Victor Sedletski, the director of the Institute for the Research of Materials, where V. Sedletski worked, V. Trefilov, told them that Victor Sedletski left Kiev and it is not known, when he returns. He also denied that his institute possesses a psychotronic generator. Paradoxically if Viktor Sedletski was put on trial for disclosing a National Security Information, it would have for effect the confirmation of his statement and the National Security Information would be broken.
Having failed with V. Trefilov the reporters visited in Kiev the Institute of Interdisciplinary Scientific-Engineering Center “Natural Resources”. Its director, A. Krasyanienko told them that he knows in the USSR at least 10 teams capable to construct such a device (52). On September 27 appeared in Komsomolskaya Pravda another article where parts of the government project for the development of those weapons were published: “remote medicobiological influence on troops and population by means of torsional radiation, remote psychophysical influence on troops and population by torsional radiation” (the question of the difference between torsional and electromagnetic radiations we will discuss later). The government project presented to the journalists E. Alexandrov, the member correspondent of the Soviet Academy of Sciences. For the realization of those projects the center Vent was established by the State Council for Science and Technology. The center was financed by the Ministry of Defense and according to its director A. Akimov the funding, coming also from Military-Industrial Commission at the Ministerial Cabinet of the USSR and KGB, amounted to half a billion of the Soviet rubles. Under the direction of the Center Vent 26 scientific institutions were working, but the leading institute was the Institute for the Research of Materials in Kiev, where Victor Sedletski worked, and whose director had denied that they would be in possession of a psychotronic generator. The list of the institutes working on the project was a result of work of the reporter of the Russian daily Nezavisimaya Gazeta O. Volkov. This information was confirmed also by the daily Troud in an article of April 4, 1992. This daily found the confirmation of the budget of half a billion rubles in the directive of the Committee for the Science and Technology of the USSR, dated July 4, 1991. On November 11, 1992 another Russian daily, Pravda, printed an article on this subject where the director of the Center Vent, A. Akimov, said that “as a result of experimental work there is at the hands everything necessary to produce the factory samples” and that “torsional fields… are capable to relay information with no barriers to stop them” (55).
The new dimension to the scandal surfaced when on October 19 and November 30 Komsomolskaya Pravda published two articles on the case of a former colonel of the Russian secret service KGB, who complained, that he was exposed to the effects of psychotronic generators and his case was presented to Moscow prosecutor’s office, which started investigation. As a reaction to those articles the Komsomolskaya Pravda received 400 letters from people, who were convinced, that they are exposed to this radiation. Komsomolskaya Pravda passed those letters to Moscow prosecutor’s office and according to Komsomolskaya Pravda the prosecutor’s office in Moscow had “several months studied honestly the problem” and when they realized that the foundations of Komsomolskaya Pravda’s assumptions are quite serious, they handed the documents over to the prosecutor’s office of the Russian Federation. The investigation went that far, that the experts registered with the use of measuring equipment intensive directed radiation in ten Moscow apartments the inhabitants of which complained about radiation.
At the end of March the group of irradiated people was invited to the deputy chief of the section of the prosecutor’s office supervising the security services N. Yakovlev. After a half an hour long discussion he said, that the „problem is real and the prosecutor’s office needs time to analyze the received information“. On May 12 the prosecutor’s office dispatched a written demand to the Minister of Security of the Russian Federation Baranikov and this was the end of a story, since his reply was never published (89). Apparently the Russian government was not ready to ban the weapons, which were being developed all around the planet and which could eventually be used against Russia.
However in June 1992 Komsomolskaya Pravda published again an article on this subject, entitled „Buy an Equipment to Spy on your Neighbor“, where the Victor Sedletski’s declaration was basically confirmed. It published there a letter by a group of directors of Russian research institutes to the then Russian president Boris Jeltsin and the world democratic institutions, where they called for the ban of the use of psychotronic generators as weapons. In the letter they wrote: „20 years ago, when we started working on the problem of ultra high frequency therapy, we had a consent that the discoveries in this field will not be used to the detriment of mankind. The warning of general Kobets that there exist psychotronic generators in the hands of OMON (Russian anti-terrorist police) proves that psychotronic generators have been built already. If it gets in hands of wrongdoers it may be more dangerous than the nuclear bomb, this pertains to their capacity to stifle human free will…“
This quotation was followed by a long quotation from the article in Italian magazine Panorama from 1989. It said that former head of CIA Wiliam Kesey, shortly before he died, promised to journalist Collins to talk about everything except for brain experiments. Then Collins was sure that there exist sensational dangerous files. Collins talked as well, in laboratory of parapsychology in San Bernardino to Nikolai Khokhlov, former KGB officer, who told him in principle „The USSR reached the decisive stage, comparable with the 30s situation of nuclear research… in the experiments, carried out behind the armored doors of secret laboratories, aimed at „reshaping of human mind“.
Komsomolskaya Pravda in the article wrote as well that in informal discussions many fellow workers from KGB and Department of Defense confirmed that the story of lieutenant colonel V. K., complaining of electromagnetic attacks, is quite probable. To tell the whole truth it wrote as well that the subject of remote control of the functioning of human brain was on the „List of Information Baned from Publication“ in the year 1990 (101).
The Russian daily Pravda published an article on the subject of remote control of human mind on November 11th 1992. The director of the center Vent A. Akimov told the newspaper that „thanks to experimental activity there is actually at hand everything what is needed for the production of factory prototypes“ and that „torsion fields… are capable to transmit information through all of the barriers“(102). Again he did not talk about electromagnetic energy, but most probably about some new discoveries in physics, which were being kept in secret. We have seen already that in the first ever published article on the subject of remote control of human brains in Russia in Komsomoskaya Pravda in 1990 A. Okhatrin talked about „leptonic fields“ which were as well capable to penetrate any obstacle. When the author of this article asked his friends in Ukraine to procure him the basic work of Anatoli Okhatrin on leptonic fields, they told him that they found out that the book is classified.
The effort of Russian journalists to find the truth about psychotronic generators continued still in the year 1993. The Russian daily Troud established a commission „Phenomenon“, with the purpose to find out, whether those weapons are used in the USSR. In 1993 the Russian government showed surprising willingness to help them, when Colonel General of the Russian Air Force Vladimir Nikitovic Abramov and Marshal of Russian Air Force Jevgeniy Yakovlevitsch Savicki passed on to the commission Phenomenon documents on installation Radiosleep pertaining to an experiment, which was carried out in the year 1973 at the military unit in Novosibirsk. The whole military unit was put to sleep as a result of the transmission of this device.. The documents were sealed by Institute of Radioelectronics of the Russian Academy of Sciences and included a lecture on the experiment in the Laboratory of Bioelectronics of the Russian Academy of Sciences entitled „Effects on biological objects by means of modulated electronic impulses“. In the chart was included the microwave generator. The documents were signed by academician U. B. Kobzarev and doctor of science E. E. Godik (103). The fact that the Russian government was willing to publish the information that it is feasible to control the functioning of human psyche by electromagnetic radiation raises again a question, if it did not have in store still another, more effective, technology, which could be used for the same purpose.
This information comes from the book by Igor Vinokurov and Georgi Gurtovoi “Psychotronic War – From Myths to Realities”. About the Installation Radiosleep wrote as well, in 1999 in the book „Psychotronic Weapon and Security of Russia“, Russian politician Vladimir Lopatin. We will talk about him later. In his book he wrote about Igor Vinokurov and Georgi Gurtovoi that they „carried out a research full of invention in the area of psychotronic weapons“.
Gurtovoi and Vinokurov wrote in their book, that they spoke with the author of Installation Radiosleep, who declined the publication of his name (most probably out of fear that some Russian mafia would try to get from him his invention), but told them that many successful experiments were carried out with the installation on the authors of the invention as well as on the soldiers from the military unit and that the installation could be adjusted to heal people or to transfer information directly into their brains, that it could be used to produce effects on the inhabitants of the city covering the area of 100 square kilometers and that available technology could make it possible to install it on a satellite and cover still larger areas. As well he expressed opinion that in this area of research an international cooperation of scientists should be organized and that all over the planet the legislations should be enacted, which would ban the use of the results of this research against people. To make sure that neither him nor the authors of the book could be punished for the disclosure of the National Securitÿ Information pertaining to the existence of such devices he concluded that his invention had never advanced beyond the first experiments, since the Russian Committee on Inventions and Discoveries had arrested its probe „arguing that it is unbelievable“ (103).
In 1994 the interest of Russian journalists in the existence of mind control technology was already fading out, but the weekly Arguments and Facts still published the article „Brain Breakers“ (Мозголомы) (104), where it was describing the shooting of a Russian television report on psychotronic weapons, which was closed in an early stage without explanation. During the shooting the journalist sat down in front of a psychotronic generator and described his experiences: „“I have lost the brightness of seeing. I can not concentrate… the eyes are literally scrambling out of the skull…eyelids are getting heavy. Something is stifling my mind…“. The designer of the generator the doctor of medical science Jakov Rudakov enthused to TV moderators about his device: „I can emit a narrow beam, „hammering“ at the distance of more than hundred meters… I can spread out the beam and than it will act, for example, on a big hall. In a way an artificial hypnotism. I can lull to sleep, tone up, produce hallucinations…“. Then journalists described the continuation of the experiment: „Our colleague is now ready for encoding. Now anything that comes to mind can be imposed on him – for example that he should jump out of the window when he hears some unusual sequence of words. For example ‚blue camomile‘…“, but they did not publish the result of the experiment. Special term for this technology which Yakov Rudakov was using was „neurolinguistic programing“.
The weekly explained how the human speech can be transmitted into the human brain: „Long time enough is known the radioacoustic effect of microwaves: if a beam of microwave generator is directed at the human being and modulated by human voice, than the subject of experiment will hear the words pronounced in rather great distance from him. The effect will be as if he heard the words ‘directly in his brain’“.
The method of subconscious or neurolinguistic programming was described still better in the experiment by J.S. Schapitz, which published in his book „Body Electric“ Robert Becker. The experiment was released voluntarily on basis of Freedom of Information Act. J. F. Schapitz stated: „In this investigation it will be shown that the spoken word of hypnotist may also be conveyed by modulated electromagnetic energy directly into the subconscious parts of the human brain – i. e. without employing any technical devices for receiving or transcoding the messages and without the person exposed to such influence having a chance to control the information input consciously.“ In one of the four experiments subjects should have been given a test of hundred questions, ranging from easy to technical ones. Later, not knowing they were being irradiated they would be subjected to information beams suggesting the answers to the questions they had left blank, amnesia for some of their correct answers and memory falsification of their correct answers. After 2 weeks they had to pass the test again. The results of those experiments were never published (20). Later on we will discuss the possibilities how this could be done.
This technology was apparently used to brainwash the members of Russian antiterrorist unit OMON during the putsch against Gorbachov, when they were supposed to conquer the Russian „white house“, where Boris Jeltsin stayed. Apparently this was not the only instance where mind changing technology was used in the Soviet Union. Serge Kernbach, director of the research center Cybertronica in German Stuttgart, specialising in electronic engineering and biophysics, wrote in his study entitled “Unconventional Research in the USSR and Russia” that when Boris Jeltsin already was a president, all the Russian media wrote, that in his office a „strange antenna“ was found and that „the experts reached the conclusion, that it was placed there to produce psychological influence on the president“ (105).
The weekly Arguments and Facts returned to the subject of neurolinguistic programming one more time in 1998 when an opposition general Lev Rokhlin, who was challenging the Russian state power by organizing army protests against the reforms of the Russian army, was killled in sleep by his wife. Before his death on several occasions he had declared that, according to available testimonies, an attempt on his life is being prepared for the nearest time. Visiting editor’s office of the weekly Arguments and Facts, the general has described even the possible script of the assassination „Either they will organize a car accident, or it will happen during a drunken spree or as a result of an argument at home“. Rokhlin’s wife shot him in his head after a calm conversation with her girlfriend. The weekly Arguments and Facts speculated that Rochlin’s wife may had been „neurolinguistically programmed“ and react to some words, which her girlfriend had told her during their phone conversation (106).
In the article Brain Breakers (104) the weekly Arguments and Facts quoted the former deputy of the general manager of scientific production association Energia (those associations were frequently working for the department of defense), doctor of biological sciences Valeri Kanuki. He told journalists that his enterprise was engaged in the work on principles, methods and means of remote effects on biological objects including human being and that already in 1989 the apparatus was constructed, which when placed in orbit, could correct the behavior of the population of the region of the size of Krasnoyarsk region of the USSR. Victor Sedlecki commented his words by saying that similar problems were under study in the Institute of Problems of Conductivity of Materials in Kiev. Victor Sedlecki confirmed as well again his previous statement to Komsomolskaya Pravda saying: „Biogenerators were produced in the factory Oktava. The author of one of the functioning prototypes was myself. The work was terminated in August 1990. Experiments were carried out on animals. Later, according to the data provided by myself, on highly paid volunteers“ (105).
The article did not ignore Anatoli Okhatrin. It said, he became the manager of the Laboratory of Microleptonic Technologies which was once supervised by the Ministry of Geology of the USSR and later on it became an independent organization. Anatoli Okhatrin was described in the article as the designer of the whole family of biogenerators, one of which was capable to attune itself to biological characteristics of certain human being at distance. The currents of microleptonic particles then delivered into the targeted organism substances mixed into the special capsule. In this way once again in Russia the information was published, according to which it was feasible to produce electric currents in the human nervous system by a new technology, different from pulsed microwaves.
At that time if Russian government would admit experimentation on people with psychotronic generators, it could result only in the ban of their production and use in Russia. But the Russian government did not allow this to happen. The big western media were silent about the Russian publications we were quoting here. Evidently their governments did not intend to proceed to the ban of remote control of the functioning of the human nervous system and mind and so the Russian government had a good reason to fear a possible use of those weapons in case of war against Russia and could not proceed to the ban of those technologies in Russia. Soon we will see that at about the same time at least some people in the U.S. army were planning to use those weapons to master the world.


The precisely controlled game of publications on this subject continued in the years 1993 and 1994, when American weeklies Defense Electronics (56), Newsweek (57) and Village Voice (58) published the information that Igor Smirnov from Moscow Academy of Medicine demonstrated for the U.S. secret services and FBI experts a device which was capable to subliminally implant thoughts in peoples minds and in this way control their actions. According to those news the FBI considered the use of this device against David Koresh during the siege of himself and his religious sect in Waco.
In reaction to this publication of the Russian National Security Information first the Russian newspaper Pravda (59) wrote on March 6, 1994: “Village Voice printed “scandalous news” that Russians are capable to control human behavior…” Two weeks later the Russian weekly the Moscow News (60) printed a long article on Igor Smirnov. The author wrote that Igor Smirnov uses, for medical purposes, a device broadcasting into the human ears “noises” which contain questions. Those questions are not audible for the patient but perceptible to his brain and the brain answers those questions. The answers are registered by the electroencephalograph and analyzed by a computer. In this way Igor Smirnov performs a very fast psychoanalysis. Then, again using the “noises” played together with music, the healing messages are sent into the human brain, which the patient will obey. According to the author of the article Igor Smirnov added on the address of the U.S. journalists: “Do not forget, in your denigrating note, to precise our goals – to heal and to teach. And do not assign us others – inhuman ones.”
A participant in the meetings with Igor Smirnov in the USA (wishing to remain in anonymity) is quoted in the article in the Defense Electronics as saying: “the intelligence agencies… had been tracking Smirnov for years…, we know there is evidence the Soviet Army‘s special Forces used the technology during the conflict in Afghanistan.”
Anyway the article in Moscow News did not explain in which way Igor Smirnov creates the noises broadcasted into the brain. The French doctor, Alfred Tomatis, played into the ears of children, suffering from autism, hyperactivity etc. the voice of their mother and other sounds in the frequencies higher and lower than those that can be heard, and it was a successful treatment (8). In 1984 the American House of Representatives had forbidden the use of high frequency inaudible messages in the East Coast chain of supermarkets. Mixed into the music they played to customers inaudible messages of the kind: “Do not steal. Make a lot of shopping.” Within 9 months they saved in this way 600.000 dollars. Most probably this is the way Igor Smirnov creates his “noises”. But there is still another possibility how to deliver subconscious messages into the human brain – and this is electromagnetic transmission. You only need to code those high frequency messages into pulsed microwaves and transmit them into the human brain just the same way the radiofrequency sound can be transmitted into the radio or TV set.
When the journalist from the Moscow News asked Igor Smirnov whether he could make people vote for certain person in the elections he replied: “In principle it can be done. And it is not difficult. But not interesting.” He could have in mind either placing of ultrasound “noises” into the radio or TV broadcasting or, as well, electromagnetic implanting of those noises into brains by means of pulsed microwaves for example from cell phones systems. About his participation in Waco Igor Smirnov narrated: “I suggested that voices of children and families inviting the suicidal people back home could be mixed with the noise of police car engines (the building was surrounded with them).” According to his narrative the FBI then did not proceed with his proposition when he guaranteed only 70% of a chance for success.
This account is in keeping with what the Defense Electronics wrote. Half a year later the Newsweek wrote: “Sources tell Newsweek that the FBI consulted Moscow experts on the possible use of a Soviet technique for beaming subliminal messages to Koresh. The technique uses inaudible transmissions that could have convinced Koresh he was hearing the voice of God inside his head” (57). Let us assume that “inaudibility” meant that no one else would hear the voice of God but Koresh and that even him would hear it only inside his head. When Allan Frey did his experiments with beaming sounds into people‘s brains they located them inside their heads or just behind it. So in Newsweek‘s account David Koresh would hear inside his head electromagnetic broadcasting of the “voice of God”. A month later the deputy chief of the FBI‘s technical services division, Steve Killion, told the journalists from Village Voice: “In the normal course of your negotiation with the individual by telephone, you can impress a coded message… It is not realized consciously by the individual, but subconsciously, subliminally they understand it” (58). This time it could have been done again by means of “noises” played into telephone. Another half a year later, in August 1994, the Newsweek published an interview with Igor Smirnov. In the introduction they write that FBI asked advice from Smirnov during the siege at Waco and the solution proposed by Smirnov they describe as follows: FBI wanted to “pipe subliminal messages from sect member‘s families through the telephone lines into the compound. For David Koresh, the group‘s leader… the FBI had in mind a special voice: God as played by the venerable actor Charlton Heston” (61). In this case the sect members would be influenced by “electromagnetic” (otherwise they would not be transmitted through the telephone lines – telephone lines would be used here as antennas) high frequency voices of their relatives, and David Koresh would hear in his head the pulsed microwaves radio broadcasting of the voice of God played by Charlton Heston.
In October 1994 appeared, again in Moscow News (62), an article on American Non-lethal weapons where we can find the following lines: “The FBI, in 1994, studied the possibility of the use of nonlethal technology against David Koresh. FBI then informed Russians about technology that enables them to transmit to Koresh subconscious signals. In this way the FBI wanted to assume the role of the voice of God.” The author of the article gives as his source of information the American and French press. It is possible that at Waco two different technologies were considered: one American and the other Russian (according to the Judy Wall article in Nexus magazine – October/November 1998, „Military use of Mind Control Weapons“, the BBC program on events in Waco contained video footage of three EM weapons). But as well it is possible that those lines served as a warning for Americans that the Russians, too, may disclose the American National Security Information. I am not aware of another breach of this Russian national security information in the American mass media since then until April 5 1999 when The New York Times, probably in reaction to
the split with Russia over the crisis in Yugoslavia wrote „Under a top-secret project known as Bonfire, Soviet scientists in 1989 discovered „a new class of weapons“…that could „damage the nervous system, alter moods, trigger psychological changes and even kill“ (145). (To be complete, according to the article in the Defense Electronics, the rights to Igor Smirnov‘s technology bought the American Psychotechnologies Corp. in Richmond, Virginia).
In the same issue of the Moscow News where the interview with Igor Smirnov appeared there was another strange article (63). In the introduction is printed the invitation letter from the deputy director of the factory producing for the Russian Department of Defense. The deputy director writes: “In the course of the last 20 years our enterprise specialized in the production of psychotronic apparatus for defense systems, design of navigation equipment for intercontinental missiles and cosmic apparatur…” and he invites the journalists to get acquiented with “biophysical reinforcer (metatron) Miranda designed with the use of the newest fundamental discoveries in the area of psychotronics.” During the visit the people from the management of the factory told the journalists that Miranda is one of the side products of psychotronic weapons and the deputy director of the Medical research center of the factory, Vladimir Niestierov told them that it is produced in the American licence on basis of the agreement signed by KGB and CIA on September 24, 1990 and providing for joint research in the area of psychotronics. The Miranda device emits on the patient sound electromagnetic impulses and in case that his body does not resonate with them it starts with the diagnosis of his ailment. However the representatives of the factory invited the journalists to get acquaiented with a machine which was not in working order – when the journalist asked for the demonstration of the machine, they were told that Armenia does not supply one important part of the machine.


In the democratic world nothing is real, what does not get published in the major media. The information which is published in media, which only minority of people reads, is simply not the information to which the politicians should be obliged to react. In this way it could have happened that in 1993 in the December issue of the American bimonthly Microwave News (65) the report appeared that in November of the same year, at the John Hopkins University a secret conference took place, sponsored by the National Laboratory in Los Alamos. John Hopkins University was engaged in research of radiofrequency radiation – for example Samuel Koslov, one of the researchers in the project Pandora, replicated there experiment where rabbits exposed to microwave radiation developed corneal cataracts (41) and National Laboratory in Los Alamos was involved in the development of non lethal weapon systems. The director of this laboratory John B. Alexander, in his article in the Military Review from 1980, writes about weapons acting on human brain: ”whoever makes the first major breakthrough in this field will have a quantum lead over his opponent, an advantage similar to sole possession of nuclear weapons” (46) In the invitation to the secret conference at John Hopkins university we read: ”The purpose of this conference is to bring together industry, government, and academia to explore the potential of non lethal defense and identify requirements so that the defense community can work together in leveraging the non-lethal concept. Industry, particularly, will benefit from a more precise understanding of requirements and operational constraints regarding non-lethal defense technologies. All attendees will have the opportunity to embrace a new perspective in international relations.” In simple words the objective of the conference was to convince the industry about the profitability of the production of non-lethal weapons which were supposed be used in the international relations.
On Wednesday, November 17, 1993 at 9 AM the lecture by Dr. George Baker from Defense Nuclear Agency was scheduled. The lecture was entitled ”RF Weapons: A Very Attractive Non-Lethal Option”. At 11.10 AM of the same day, Dr. Clay Easterly from Oak Ridge National Laboratory lectured on ”Application of Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields to Non-Lethal Weapons”. Clay Easterly told the Microwave News that since the conference was closed to anyone without security clearance, he could not discuss the specific effects he referred to in his talk, but he admitted that his presentation dealt with the possibility of developing measures that would affect people.
On the lecture by Dr. George Baker the Microwave News comment that ”it is difficult to know, based on unclassified information, whether this ”option” has ever been used” and ”That there were also allegations that non-ionizing radiation was used against the women’s peace activist encampment at Greenham Common in the U.K. in the mid-1980s”.
It is logical to suppose that after that conference the mass production of those weapons was launched in the USA as well as in Russia as we have heard from Victor Sedletski.
One can hardly doubt that the work on those weapons was advancing fast. In the year 2001 Dr. William L. Baker (Chief Scientist) and Dr. Eugene J. Bednarz, of the Air Force Research Laboratory‘ s Directed Energy Directorate, and Dr. Robert L. Sierakowski (Chief Scientist), of the Air Force Research Laboratory‘ s Munitions Directorate published an article on the site of U.S. Air Force entitled „Controled Effects“ In the article they wrote: With the advent of directed energy and other revolutionary technologies, the ability to instantaneously project very precise amounts of various types of energy anywhere in the world can become a reality. The Controlled Effects long term technology challenge embodies this vision. Targets of military significance include facilities and equipment, personnel, and communications and information systems. Military commanders want to inflict effects that can be either lethal or nonlethal, and they can be either very localized or dispersed in nature. In general, if it becomes possible to instantaneously put warning energy spots on any target worldwide and then rapidly follow this warning with varying levels of effects, the military commander would possess unparalleled operational flexibility and response. The end result is a significantly enhanced conventional detergence“. They went on: „Controlled Personnel Effects investigates technologies to make selected adversaries think and act according to our needs“ (82).
In this report, which was publically accessible, those weapons were described as futurological ones. Most probably to make sure that this information will not provoke public outcry and will not make the Americans demand their ban. But already in the 1998 Timothy L. Thomas wrote in the quarterly Parameters of the U.S. Army War College in the article „The Mind Has No Firewall“: „According to a Russian TV broadcast, the strategic rocket forces have begun anti-ESP training to ensure that no outside force can take over command and control functions of the force. That is, they are trying to construct a firewall around the heads of the operators“ and concluded: „We need to spend more time researching how to protect the humans in our data management structures. Nothing in those structures can be sustained if our operators have been debilitated by potential adversaries or terrorists who–right now–may be designing the means to disrupt the human component of our carefully constructed notion of a system of systems“ (83). This means that weapon systems, which could be used to make the operators of strategic missiles to „think and act according to our needs“ already existed. It is necessary to build defenses only against systems that already exist.


In 1992 the Russian Independent Institute of Foreign Policy published in the weekly Stolitsa the article „MC-ultra program“ inspired by the CIA mind control program from the sixties. In the article Victor Sedlecki informed that in 1982 the USSR started the development of quite new radar system, which allows to control any place on the planet and that the system could be used for the creation of „psychotronic field for mind control“. He did not say exactly which project he was talking about, but it seems that he was talking about the system Sura, which was built in 1981 near the city Nizhnyi Novgorod in the central part of Russia. It was financed by the Russian ministry of defense and later it was controled by Radiophysical Science Research Institute. At the official site it is stated that the system should be used for the research of outer space, the Earth‘s atmosphere, the Earth’s crust and propagation of radio waves. In greater detail it should be used as well to research the laws of production of artificial turbulencies and artificial electromagnetic radiation of ionosphere plasma in different wave bands by means of highly energetic radio waves. The system is supposed to be used as well for low frequency transmissions, which affect the electrical currents in the ionosphere. It operates in the frequencies from 4,5 to 9,3 megahertz. The facility consists of three transmitters broadcasting of 250 kW and an antenna crossed dipole 144 with dimensions of 300 m x 300 m. The effective radiated power of the facility is 190 MW (84).
By pulsing the emitted waves this system can produce in the ionosphere alternating electrical currents and those currents then will produce electromagnetic waves in the frequencies of pulses, which will reach vast areas of the planet. If the pulsing will correspond to frequencies of human brain activities, it may influence the functioning of brains of whole populations. The only question is whether these extra long waves (up to tens of thousands of kilometers) can target such a small „antenna“ as a human brain is. Some scientists speculated that life on Earth since its very beginning was affected by extra long waves, which are produced by thunderstorms. There are about 2000 thunderstorms taking place on planet Earth at any moment and the waves produced by those thunderstorms are circulating the planet, because the ionosphere does not allow them to „escape“ in the outer space. Those frequencies range from 3 to 60 Hz and one could imagine that they were at the origin of the formation of the activity of the nervous system.. If this is true than there is no doubt that those waves affect its activity. Scientific research does not ask the question whether extra long waves can affect the activity of living cells, there are only discussions whether the extra long electromagnetic waves, produced by alternate current in the electric lines (50 or 60 Hz) have sufficient energy to „deafen“ the activity of human organism (and human nervous system) and eventually produce leukemia in children or cancerous growth. We know already that signals which produce reactions in the human nervous system can have much weaker energy than is the internal energy of the human nervous system.
The reactions of the European Union and Russia to the building of the American HAARP system, to which are dedicated the next two chapters of this book, only confirm this conclusion.
Part of the SURA system is the reception antenna collecting the electromagnetic waves in the range from 0,01 Hertz to 10 KHz or in the range of frequencies which cover the range of frequencies of the human nervous system. It means that there is a very high probability that it can manipulate the ionosphere to produce electromagnetic waves in human brain’s frequencies. As well it is very probable that it can vary the frequencies with the precision to one hundredth of a Hertz and we know from captain Tyler, that one hundredth of a Hertz can make difference in the production of special nervous reactions.
According to general consent it was not the system SURA, which was responsible for the psychoactive „woodpecker“ signal, which was registered in the USA since 1976 (system SURA was commissioned in 1981). The woodpecker signal was generated by radar Duga-Tchornobyl-2, located near the Tchornobyl nuclear power plant, which supplied it with energy. After the end of the Cold War the transmission of this radar was terminated and Russia explained that it was functioning as a part of its missile shield. According to published information its transmission was pulsed at 10 Hz and it is not known whether it was capable to vary the pulsing frequencies by one hundredth of a Hertz, necessary for the selective manipulation of the human brain‘s functions.
In the USA the building of the system HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program) was decided in 1990 and the actual building started in 1993 (85) and lasted until 2007. The system was constructed in Alaska, near the north magnetic pole of the Earth and was financed by the American Navy and Air Force. It is arranged in the similar way as the Russian system SURA only instead of 144 antennas there are 180 antennas and they are covering the area of 13 hectares instead of 9 hectares covered by the system SURA. The effective radiated power of the facility is 3,6 megawatt and it is transmitting in frequencies from 2.7 to 3,6 megahertz. When its radiation is concentrated at one point in ionosphere, it can use the charged ions in the ionosphere to increase its power thousand fold. The same holds true for the Russian system SURA. Among the main features of the system HAARP belongs its ability to heat the ionosphere and in this way change its altitude. By this kind of manipulation of the ionosphere it is possible to bounce the electromagnetic waves back from the ionosphere to whichever region on the planet. Just like the SURA system the system HAARP is, according to official information, designed for scientific research of the ionosphere. Anyway there are too many facts suggesting that the major reason for its construction are military purposes. The building of the system started the E-Systems corporation which in 1992 made 2,1 billion dollars in sales out of which 1,8 billion were for classified projects. The whole project was financed by the American Navy and Air Force. The main patent of Bernard J. Eastlund (number 4,686,605) proposed the use of the system among others for destruction of navigation systems of airplanes and missiles wherever in the atmosphere, interference with all communication systems wherever on the planet, using it at the same time as the only open communication channel,. Other patents connected with the system propose the use of the system for induction of detonations in the extent of nuclear explosions, which should not produce radioactive radiation (recall the CNN program), putting out of order all electronic systems in vast areas of the planet, determine if the coming missile carries a nuclear bomb and other military uses. It enables as well the global weather control by changing the direction of winds in the upper atmosphere and creation or repair of the ozone holes.
In 1995 the U.S. government stopped financing the project until the army will develop the application of the system for the earth penetrating tomography. In this application the system HAARP should be able to find, using extra low frequency electromagnetic radiation, deposits of minerals underneath the Earth surface, but as well the underground shelters, factories, tunnels and other facilities. At the end of 1995 the authors of the book Angels don‘t Play This HAARP (22) visited the director of the HAARP program, Hecksher. He told them that in this application the HAARP system will use frequencies between 12 and 20 Hz or perhaps 1 Hz. Those are frequencies which affect the human nervous system. In addition the system HAARP, just like the system SURA, is capable to start the pulsing frequencies from one hundredth of one Hertz and so probably is capable as well to change pulsing frequencies by one hundredth of a Hertz and in this way play with the human nervous system. Let us recall that captain Tyler spoke about experiments, where frog hearts were stopped in their activity by electric stimulation. Could then be the human hearts in large areas of the planet stopped in their activity by manipulation of human nervous system by the systems HAARP and SURA? Most probably yes. In contrary to microwaves there is no shielding against extra long waves. They penetrate deep into water and surface of the planet. Now we are talking about genocide produced with a speed of light.
First test of the system HAARP was carried out in 1994 and in 1995 profesor Michael Persinger published the article ”On the Possibility of Directly Accessing Every Human Brain by Electromagnetic Induction of Fundamental Algorithms” in the monthly Perceptual and Motor Skills (43)., Dr. Michael Persinger worked at the Behavioral Neuroscience Laboratory at Laurentian University in Canada, was mentioned by captain Paul Tyler in his lecture at the conference on Emerging Electromagnetic Medicine (15). In his experiment he exposed students to 5 Hz fields which had for consequence diminution of perspiring, drought in the mouth, stomach pains and increased relaxation. According to unconfirmed reports Michael Persinger was employed on the U.S. Army project ”Sleeping Beauty” directed towards the battlefield use of mind-altering electromagnetic weapons(118). In his article Michael Persinger describes the ways how the individual differences among human brains can be overcome and comes to a conclusion: ”Within the last two decades… a potential has emerged which was improbable but which is now marginally feasible. This potential is the technical capability to influence directly the major portion of the approximately six billion brains of the human species without mediation through classical sensory modalities by generating neural information within a physical medium within which all members of the species are immersed. The historical emergence of such possibilities… resulted in major changes in the social evolution that occurred inordinately quickly after the implementation. Reduction of the risk of the inappropriate application of these technologies requires the continued and open discussion of their realistic feasibility and implications within the scientific and public domain.”
It is highly probable that professor Persinger had realized (just like nuclear scientists Robert Oppenheimer and Andrei Sacharov, who turned to be dissidents in their countries out of fear that the weapons they had designed could kill milions of people, if they were used) his share of responsibility for providing to power elites the technology of remote control of the functioning of human brains and eventual genocide of whole populations and for that matter tried to raise, especially after the first tests of the HAARP system, public discussion on this topic. We know already that the Russian scientists felt the same way. Unfortunately Michael Persinger found understanding only in rarely read scientific journal. The big media apparently found the subject of remote control of the functioning of the human brain on the similar list as was the Russian list of the subjects banned from publication in 1990 in the USSR. Just in passing: in 1995 the U.S. Department of Defense issued the Directive establishing The Non-Lethal Weapons Steering Committee and among others assigned it in this directive a task „to issue security and classification instructions on programs of non lethal weapons“ (74). The western mass media evidently observe those instructions.


John B. Alexander, former director of Los Alamos National Laboratory in his article in the Military Review from 1980 „The New Mental Battelfield: Beam me up Spock“ on remote control of human brain’s activity, writes: ”whoever makes the first major breakthrough in this field will have a quantum lead over his opponent, an advantage similar to sole possession of nuclear weapons” (45). Samuel Koslov, a leading personality of the project Pandora of the American Navy and researcher at the John Hopkins University where the secret conference, organized by the American National Laboratory in Los Alamos, took place, in the closing speech at the conference on Nonlinear Electrodynamics in Biological Systems in 1983 said that the conference had proven that the external electric fields can ”become a key to the cellular control console. The implications, social, economic, and even military are enormous.” Samuel Koslov then continued: ”If much of what we have heard is indeed correct, it may be not less significant to the nation than the prospects that faced the physics community in 1939 when the long-time predicted fissionability of the nucleus was actually demonstrated. You may recall the famous letter of Albert Einstein to President Roosvelt. When we’re in a position to do so in terms of our proofs, I would propose that an analogous letter is required” (41).
From this perspective of the revolutionary event in the science is derived also the book ”Revolution in Military Affairs and Conflict Short of War”, issued by the Strategic Studies Institute at the U.S. Army War College (71) in 1997. Since the national security information is in question, the book can not tell the readers what technology exactly is making this revolution feasible. Instead they write about a „sort of psychotechnology“. As well from the beginning the authors are aware that the use of this technology may run counter to basic moral and political values of the American society and in consequence the revolution in military affairs would require a moral and political revolution to come first. Since it is difficult for them to imagine that the American society would accept the ethical and political revolution that would deprive the citizen of his privacy, they develop a scenario of events which would lead the American political leaders to back this revolution.
The scenario is placed into the year 2000 and is based on the situation of growing terrorism, drug trafficking and criminality. Let us recall that in 2001 a major terrorist attack on the USA was performed and too many facts suggested that American security agencies knew about the attack in advance and possibly even helped with its execution and in the following years the right of the Americans to privacy was restricted. The authors of the book on Revolution in Military Affairs wrote: ”The president was thus amenable to the use of the sort of psychotechnology which formed the core of the RMA (revolution in military affairs) in conflict short of war…As technology changed the way force was applied, things such as personal courage, face-to-face leadership, and the ”warfighter” mentality became irrelevant.” So the psychotechnology, which formed the core of the RMA, provided new methods how to influence the psyche of the adversary in place of the classical strategy to make him fear the death. ”In the pre-RMA days, psychological operations and psychological warfare were primitive. As they advanced into the electronic and bioelectronic era, it was necessary to rethink our ethical prohibitions on manipulating the minds of enemies (and potential enemies) both international and domestic… Through persistent efforts and very sophisticated domestic ”consciousness raising”, old-fashioned notions of personal privacy and national sovereignty changed” (let us recall the continuous war of the USA against sovereign nations like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria etc in the past decade). So the authors were aiming at the creation of a society where thinking is reserved to power elite’s as it is in totalitarian states and where the new totalitarian state should extend all over the planet.
In which way the central power would be administered? ”Potential or possible supporters of the insurgency around the world were identified using the comprehensive Interagency Integrated Database. These were categorized as ”potential” or ”active”, with sophisticated personality simulations used to develop, tailor and focus psychological campaigns for each.”
That this is not altogether a science fiction proves the American Department of Defense Directive establishing The Non-Lethal Weapons Steering Committee, issued on January 1, 1995 (74). There we read: ”The term ”adversary” is used above in its broadest sense, including those who are not declared enemies but who are engaged in activities we wish to stop.” If the United States in mid eighties were capable to eavesdrop telephonic and other communications around the world, why would not they be able to read minds or impose thoughts on whichever person in the world whose brain frequencies they will be able to determine, in the 21st century?
In the conclusion of the book on the Revolution in Military Affairs the authors return to reality. They admit that the American public and government may not be willing to accept this kind of revolution, but they are, as well, aware of the fact that as the use of this technology will be growing ”we may eventually stumble into change as ultimately profound as deliberate revolution.” But even in this realistic part they write: ”… conflict short of war, … is most often won or lost through the manipulation of images, beliefs, attitudes and perceptions. These things… are the key military targets in conflict short of war. This makes psychological technology much more important than strike technology. Ways must be found to use the emerging technology including advanced artificial intelligence and information dissemination systems, to help military strategists develop, implement, and continually improve methods of influencing opinion, mobilizing public support, and sometimes demobilizing it. There is also potential for defensive psychotechnology such as ”strategic personality simulations” to aid national security decision makers.” As a reference for the last sentence we read : ”See Norman D. Livergood and Stephen D. Williams, ”Strategic Personality Simulation: A New Strategic Concept”, unpublished draft paper, Carlisle Barracks, PAK: U.S. Army War College, 1994”. If we consider the fact that in 2016 scientists could manipulate the memory of mice and encode false memories into their brains (107), it is evident that the road to thorough manipulation of human personality is wide open.
The conclusion of the authors or the U.S. Army War College book is: ”Whether we opt for revolution or evolution, change will occur.” In their futuristic scenario they expect that this psychotechnology will gradually appear ”on the domestic black market and, increasingly, in American schools and workplaces”, they do not mention the fact that this technology can be used for murders that could not ever be proved in the court (people would be dying from heart attacks, blood clots etc.). According to the authors to master this kind of civilization crisis would require the further tightening of the totalitarian regime.
If the reader would like to believe that such a scenario has nothing in common with the reality and so he has no reason to fear anything, Igor Smirnov, in his interview for the Newsweek as well as in the interview for the Moskovskie Novosti (here not quite openly) admitted that the Russian Mafia was interested to acquire his technology. That even the Russian government does not take this for a joke proves the fact that there exists in Russia the law imposing state controls on all equipment in private hands which can be used as ”psychotronic weaponry” (69). This formulation certainly does not prohibit to Russian government the use of such weaponry.
On the leaflet of an American corporation (we will not name it since we do not support the dissemination of those weapons) in 1997 we had read: „Ever want to forcibly, yet secretly project YOUR THOUGHTS into another people-or animals as an ovepowering EM signal?…Range is about 50 feet. Portable, battery operated…“ The range of another system marketed on this leaflet „used in theoretical and applied research into EM weaponry… and mind control… exceeds 1 km.“ On the same leaflet an ultrasound apparatus was offered to be bought. Since the corporation does not offer those devices any more, there is one distinct possibility that the sales were banned. By this banning procedure the U.S. government is bypassing the necessity to enact the laws which would prohibit production and use of mind control devices to both private and government organizations.
In their futuristic scenario the authors of the book on the Revolution in Military Affairs also wrote that ”Whenever possible, profitability was used to encourage private and quasi private enterprises to develop appropriate technology… especially advanced psychotechnology.”
The concept of the ”strategic personality stimulation” is probably tested on some of the people who claim to be mind control experiment’s victims. And even the idea that the concept of the revolution in military affairs is limited only to few people in the American Strategic Studies Institute may not be that correct. In 1996 Paul G. Kaminski, the secretary from the U.S. Department of Defense said in the House of Representatives National Security Committee: ”Cosmic forces play a key role in the emerging revolution in military affairs and this thanks to their unique capacity to gather, transfer and disseminate information” (72), it is quire probable that he was talking about the system HAARP capable to target whichever region of the Earth (by means of the manipulation of the ionosphere) and its use for psychological operations.


The European Union and Russia took the threat of the HAARP system as well as the tentative projects of the U.S. military seriously. In January 1998 an annual public meeting of the French National Bioethics Committee was held in Paris, France. Its chairman Jean- Pierre Changeux, a neuroscientist at the Institute Pasteur in Paris, told the meeting that ”advances in cerebral imaging make the scope for invasion of privacy immense. Although the equipment needed is still highly specialized, it will become commonplace and capable of being used at a distance… That will open the way for abuses such as invasion of personal liberty, control of behavior and brainwashing. These are far from being science-fiction concerns… and constitute ”a serious risk to society”” (73). At the same meeting Denis Le Bihan, a researcher at the French Atomic Energy Commission said ”we can almost read people’s thoughts”.
Unlike the Russian system SURA, which was built under the communist regime, on the building of the system HAARP wrote a book a son of the former Alaskan senator Nick Begich together with the journalist Jeane Manning (22). In their book they described all the possible military uses of the HAARP system. Though Europe was used to not oppose the USA in this case it became alarmed and invited Nick Begich to testify in the European Parliament on the HAARP system. As a result of his testimony the European Parliament approved, on January 28th 1999 a resolution number A4-0005/1999 on Environment Protection and Security and Foreign Affairs. In the resolution the European Parliament called „on the European Union to seek to have the new ‚non-lethal‘ weapons technology and the development of new arms strategies also covered and regulated by international conventions“. Declared that it „considers HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project) by virtue of its far-reaching impact on the environment to be a global concern and calls for its legal, ecological and ethical implications to be examined by an international independent body before any further research and testing“. Expressed its regret over „the repeated refusal of the United States Administration to send anyone in person to give evidence to the public hearing or any subsequent meeting held by its competent committee into the environmental and public risks connected with the HAARP program currently being funded in Alaska“. In item 25 it requested „the Scientific and Technological Options Assessment (STOA) panel to agree to examine the scientific and technical evidence provided in all existing research findings on HAARP to assess the exact nature and degree of risk that HAARP poses both to the local and global environment and to public health generally“ and in the item 27 it called „for an international convention introducing a global ban on all developments and deployments of weapons which might enable any form of manipulation of human beings”. The European Parliament called as well on the European Council and European Commission „to report to it on the Union‘s position concerning the specific points contained in this resolution within the context of forthcoming meetings of the United Nations, its agencies and bodies, notably the 1999 Preparatory Committee of the NPT (Non Proliferation Treaty), the Conference on Disarmament and all other relevant international forums“ (86).
The STOA panel did not examine the scientific and technical evidence on the HAARP system, but in the year 2000 it published a study on „Crowd Control Technologies“ (87), where it quoted the originally proposed text of the resolution of the European Parliament. It „called for an international convention and global ban on all research and development, whether civilian or military, which seeks to apply knowledge of the chemical, electrical, sound vibration or other functioning of the human brain to the development of weapons which might enable any form of manipulation of human beings, including a ban on any actual or possible deployment of such systems“. The word „actual“ in this version of the call undoubtedly refers to the HAARP system. In the report the STOA panel wrote as well: “In October 1999 NATO announced a new policy on non-lethal weapons and their place in allied arsenals”. This explains why the organs of the European Union did not get engaged in the international ban of mind control technologies. The USA apparently convinced the NATO member states to work on the development and testing of those weapons and to keep them for the possible future use instead of getting engaged in their ban.
The STOA panel confirmed that non-lethal weapons included the „mind control“ weapons by writing that “in 1996 non-lethal tools identified by the U.S. Army included… directed energy systems” and “radio frequency weapons”. The study stated: „The most controversial non-lethal crowd control and anti-materiel technology proposed by the US are so called Radio Frequency or Directed Energy Weapons that can allegedly manipulate human behaviour in a variety of unusual ways“ and „the greatest concern is with systems which can directly interact with the human nervous system. There are many reports on so called psychotronic weapons which are beyond the brief of this study but one comment can be made. The research undertaken to date both in the US and in Russia can be divided into two related areas: (i) individual mind control and (ii) crowd control“. Directed energy system was further defined in the note, which disappeared from the actual version of the document: „Directed energy weapon system designed to match radio frequency source to interfere with human brain activity at synapse level“.
Since the publication of this document the European Union and its member states have not made until the year 2016 a single step towards the international ban of remote control of the functioning of the human nervous system. Most probably they gave in to the American pressure and argumentation that the possession of technology enabling remote control of the activity of human brains still may be useful in subjugation of Russia.


Russia was well aware that the HAARP system was in the first place designed as a threat, which should force Russia to resign on its independence and deprive it of the influence in the international affairs. Its reaction was adequate to this threat. In February 2000 the Russian daily Segodnya (Today) published the article „Riders of Psychotronic Apocalypse“ (88). The article informed that in 1996 the leaders of the FAPSI agency (Russian governmental informational agency) informed that the effect of the use of informational means of war is comparable with the effect of the use of weapon of mass destruction and that simultaneously FAPSI prepared and published an analytical report with a garish title „Information Weapon as a Threat to National Security of Russia“. The director of FAPSI agency at that time, Alexander Starovoitov, declared: „information ‚attack‘ threatens to put out of work all the electronic systems of the control of the country, of its armed forces, of government’s infrastructure etc. Transport and energetic (including nuclear systems) are disrupted. Army and navy will be unable to fight back against the aggression. The leaders of the country will be unable to receive necessary information, take and put to effect any decisions“.
Those were the capabilities of the HAARP system according to Eastlund’s patent. But the largest part of the article was dedicated to psychotronic weapons, thus suggesting that Russians were aware of the possible use of the HAARP system for the control of the brain activity of Russian population. It said: “It is necessary to admit that our potential adversary is presenting us all grounds to talk about ‚psychotronic‘ or ‚psychic‘ weapon as of a fact which we have to consider to be real… The point is that non-lethal weapon, which is being developed in Los Alamos, is, according to Russian military classification, tightly connected with so called ‘information weapon’… such a weapon is capable to affect not only the soldiers of the adversary… but the whole population of the country“. The article in the daily Segodnya described Russian reactions to the findings of the FAPSI agency at the international as well as national level. On the international level the State Duma and then Inter Parliamentary Assembly of the Union of Independent States addressed in 1997 the United Nations, OBSE and European Council with a proposal to introduce the international convention on the ban of information wars and restriction of circulation of information weapon. According to the article the Russian initiative went that far that in March 1998 the issue was discussed at the meeting with the Secretary General of the UN Kofi Anan and at the initiative of Russia was included in the agenda of the Assembly General of the UN. Apparently this Russian effort was put to a stop by unwillingness of the USA and its allies from NATO to join the international convention. To the threat reacted as well the Russian Department of Defense and the Russian government. The Commission on Military Construction included means of information war among the three priority factors of the country’s potential to fight against the possible aggression from outside
As far as the Russian internal affairs were concerned the article in the daily Segodnya described the work of the Russian State Duma (parliament). According to the article in the State Duma the bill „On Information-psychological Security“ was actually being presented by the deputy Vladimir Lopatin. Segodnya wrote that in April, perhaps, it will be dicussed in the first reading and informed that Lopatin’s project was a third in raw dedicated to this problem and that the two previous projects – „On Psychosphere“, proposed by Victor Plyoukhin and the conception „On Securing Energo-informational Well Being of Population“ created by State Duma Committee on Ecology, got stalled in the stage of discussions inside the State Duma. To explain what this legislation should prevent Segodnya wrote that mysterious means of information-psychological effects are fully capable not only to impair the health, but as well to cause „blocking, on subconscious level, of the freedom of will of human being, loss of ability of political, cultural and other self identification of human being, manipulation of societal consciousness“ and even „destruction of indivisible informational and spiritual space of RF“ [Russian Federation]“. Vladimir Lopatin in his book Psychotronic War and the Security of Russia wrote that in 1995 the Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences produced a Conception of Information Psychological Security of Russia.
Underneath the article Segodnya presented the list of psychic weapons it received from the Russian department of defense:
1) Microwave weapon, capable to put out of order for some time the central nervous system and brain, producing perceptions of noise, difficult to bear and interfering with the work of computer systems.
2) Infrasound weapon, capable to produce anxiety, despair and even horror and provoke convulsive effect.
3) Psychotronic weapon, considered to enable a human being to transmit information and act on objects with the use of so called bioenergy. To this type of weapon telekinesis, telepathical hypnosis etc. is related. It is used to get acquiantance with secret documents. Aside from that bioradiation acts on systems of communication and electronical equipment.


Vladimir Lopatin graduated in law and acquired a title of the candidate of legal science, but his career was evolving in politics. Since September 1990 till November 1992 he acted as a first deputy of the chairman of the Government Committee of the Russian Federation for Societal Security and Cooperation of the Department of Defense of USSR with the KGB (the Soviet state police).
In 1992 he resigned on his rank of the colonel of the Soviet army in protest against the governmental military policy. In consequence he was transferred to the function of the deputy of the head of the Volgograd region. From this function he was demoted, when he tried to disclose the abuse of power and corruption in the regional administration. He defended himself and he managed to open a criminal prosecution against the head of the Volgograd‘s region administration. Consequently in 1995 he was elected a deputy of the Volgograd’s region in the Russian State Duma and there he became a chairman of the Subcommittee for Legislation and Security. In the Interparliamentary Assembly of the Union of Independent States he became a member of the Committee for Defense and Security, Fight Against Organized Crime and Corruption. At the same time he was a member of Interdepartmental Commission for Information Security of the Council of Security of the Russian Federation. There is no reason to doubt that he would not be well educated in types of weapons that were in the arsenal of the Russian as well as foreign armies. In the book, we are going to talk about, several times he was referring to the sessions of the committees and commissions, whose member he was. In 1990 he visited the USA and met there with Dick Cheney, who was at this time the U.S. minister of defense. The contents of their discussion were not published, but provided that Vladimir Lopatin started in the same year his work on the ban of psychotronic weapons, we can assume that he wanted to use this discussion to persuade the U.S. government about the necessity of international ban of psychotronic weapons. According to Chinese news agency Xinhua Lopatin was invited to the USA by the research institute Global Outlook, which introduced him as a „leader of the new brand of soviet dissidents“.
In 1999 Vladimir Lopatin, together with a Russian scientist Vladimir Tsygankov, published a book „Psychotronic Weapon and the Security of Russia“ (89).
The other author of the book Vladimir Tsygankov graduated in radiotechnics and later concentrated on bionics and neurocybernetics and became a designer of neurocomputers, which were used in the Russian defense, aviation and rocket industry. In the appendix to the book he wrote that his neurocomputer Embryon could be used as a generator and detector of torsion radiation, suitable for remote control of human brains. He was a Member-correspondent of the International Academy of Informatisation and published a book “The Living Outer Space”, where he touched on the subject of psychotronics.
In their book the authors did not deny that electromagnetic radiation could be used to control the functioning of human brain, but since the beginning they described as a most important technology of brain control the technology based on quantum mechanical research of parapsychological phenomena, such as telepathy, telekinesis or clairvoyance. They wrote that this technology could be used to remotely exert violence not only against an individual brain, but as well against large masses of people, plants, animals, weapons, production and technological processes and strategic systems, which can be placed out of order by their effects. The effect on people can be, according to them, achieved by “remote control of the structure of internal distribution of electrons and their spin in the organism and atuning of thresholds of sensory organs to supersensitive reception of signals” (from electromagnetic point of view there is no doubt, that the change in the order of spins may produce in the organism electric currents). Among the effects of psychotronic weapons on the attacked living objects they mentioned effects on sensory system, motor system, the system of decision making, destruction of psyche and death. According to them the discovery of physical principles of parapsychological phenomena lead to construction of whole range of :means which could be used to gain profit or as a means of violence, attacks, subjugation or extortion. The range of the weapon can be regulated from 1 km to the whole planet range and according to them it was already proven that psychotronic weapons are more effective than thermonuclear weapons. As targets of psychotronic weapons they named the genetical apparatus of cells (chromosomes, mitochondria, DNA and RNA molecules – let us recall the experiment by Jose Delgado, where irradiated chicken embryo’s did not develop veins and hearts), cell fluids, brain (centers controlling the state of consciousness and functions of subconsciousness) and by its mediation bodily organs, cells and functions, biological and psychic fields surrounding the living organisms and plants.
On Russian research they wrote that in the USSR in 1988 All-union Committee for Matters of Energoinformational Exchange was established and in Russia the Committee of Human Ecology and Energoinformatical Exchange. For the research of unconventional technologies the institute Vent was formed by the Soviet Committee for Science and Technology. The institute Vent studied remote effects of spin-torsion fields on living organisms and human brain. According to them the development and production of torsion generators was carried out in the Ukrainian Research Institute of Conductivity of Materials. In this way they confirmed the statement of Victor Sedlecki after the putsch against Michail Gorbachov. They went on that in the Moscow Institute of Mineralogy and Geochemistry A. F. Okhatrin (we know about him already as well) worked on the theory of leptonic fields and designed there generators of leptonic radiation and examined their influence on living organisms. The authors mentioned as well the work on torsion neurocomputer terminals of human brain, the work in scientific-engineering center Natural Resources in Kiev, means of generation and reception of biological radiations, and experiments with controlling of people by menas of their biofields, carried out by A. Martynov. They recalled as well the Installation Radiosleep.
Authors named as well some of the 30 states, which were working on the development of psychotronic weapons – USA, France, Great Brittain, Japan, China, Vietnam, Izrael, Italy, Hungary, Roumania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland, Yugoslavia, Russia and Ukraine. Note that most of them are either member states of NATO of former Warsaw pact members. Vladimir Lopatin certainly had, during his work on security boards of Russia and USSR access to the information obtained by Russian intelligence agencies on the development of military technologies of NATO member states and development of psychotronic weapons in member states of Warsaw Pact, which was certainly supervised by Russia. From all of those countries are coming complaints by their citizens, that those weapons are being tested on them. For example in Japan there is an organization of those people, which has got over 300 members and their representatives say there are over 1200 people complaining of electromagnetic attacks (90). In China there exists as well a website publishing complaints of citizens who claim to be victims of mind control experimentation (91). It is a good guess that in both the USA and Russia are over 2.000 of such people.
According to Vladimir Lopatin and Vladimir Tsygankov, in the USA, at the time when they were writing their book, over 150 organizations worked on parapsychological and bioenergetical research and they have already managed to build systems enabling interconnection between human intellect and computers. In this way they were able to control human intellect and instill into the human subconsciousness information which made them to fulfill imposed assignments. They stated that those weapons could be used to exert violence against people and their effects outdo those of nuclear weapons and for that matter they pose a serious threat to the security of the Russian state. For that matter they warned of possible outbreak of psychotronic war, but at the same time they stated that it is “actually taking place without declaration of war”. They stated as well that potential enemy is “the most treachourous and capable of the most horrible and unexpected acts”.
From those warnings they proceeded to proposals of defense against those weapons. In the chapter entitled State Defense Initiative and the Conception of Armament they called on the creation of Presidential Interdisciplinary Organizational Structure of the type of Directorate of Psychotronic Armament and creation of “brain trust” similar to that which existed in the USA during the second world war under the president Roosvelt, which resulted in the development of the nuclear bomb. Aside from the development of psychotronic weapons and basic research in the area of physical principles governing parapsychological phenomena this center should concentrate as well on the development of “defense means against the effects of psychotronic weapons with respect to the types and groups of those weapons”.
In spite of all those proposals they considered as a major means of defense against psychotronic war the declassification of psychotronic weapons, “since their effects may be global, universal and noospherical” and for that matter they pose threat to the whole mankind. On the level of governments they feared “establishment and use of… centers of control of citizens” and consequent “turning of citizens into bioautomats-robots”. They wrote: “Classification only accelerates the arms race. Classification it is in the first place securing of cruel control over people and of the possibility to curb them, the way to tie up their creativity and turn them into biorobots”. In their opinion the declassification should be followed up by the international convention introducing ban of their use and development and ordering the destruction of existing stockpiles of those weapons under the supervision of international inspectors. The following research into the principles governing parapsychological phenomena, with unique orientation on their use to the benefit of mankind should be carried out on an international level. Certainly to make this possible it would be necessary to replace the historically traditional struggle for power as a major principle of international relations by more democratic system of solving the international disputes.
Vladimir Lopatin, who was a lawyer by his education presented in the book as well the basic principles, which should be introduced into the Russian legislature. As far as the foreign radiations into Russia were concerned he proposed a creation of state agencies with the task to “detect (psychotronic radiations) and ensure the control of potential sources of threats and permanent monitoring of their activities and the degree of their dangerousness”. Then he turned to the internal use of those weapons by Russian governmental agencies and possibly other subjects.
The subject of the regulation of the use of those weapons inside of Russia he introduced by the quotation from the decision of the Moscow prosecutor’s office in which it reacted to the numerous complaints of the Moscow Committee for the Ecology of Dwellings. This citizen’s organization presented to the prosecutor’s office among other the results of the measurements carried out in 10 Moscow families, which complained that they are exposed to the effects of psychotronic radiation. The measurements detected in their dwellings high densities of electromagnetic radiation. The Moscow prosecutor’s office wrote in its decision: ”Presented documents prove that the major need aroused to introduce a legal control over the research in this area. There is no legislation pertaining to this problem. For that matter the prosecutor’s office is unable to secure in whichever way the defense of the rights”. Vladimír Lopatin then stressed that the defense of human rights must be assured as well in the area of “special means exerting influence on human psyche”. In his opinion this area should be subjected to the state monopoly and this monopoly should be supervised by citizens by means of parliament, courts and offices of state prosecutors. As well the agencies should be established which would perform, when requested by the government or citizens, “psychoecololgical expertise”. New legislation should as well provide for medical help and indemnities to the people with which would this expertise prove “destructive informational influence” on their psyche, which would cause them distortion of their perception of reality. In this way Vladimir Lopatin rather indirectly admitted that the Russian government agencies carried out experiments on unwitting Russian citizens. There can be no doubt that at that point of time Russia was getting ready to sign the international convention banning the use and development of psychotronic weapons and introduce this ban even inside of Russia. The evident reason why it did not happen was the refusal of the USA to join the convention and their success in convincing the European states to be on their side.


In September 2000 signed the Russian president Vladimir Putin the Doctrine of informational security of the Russian Federation (92). In this document among the threats to the informational security of Russia was named “threats to constitutional rights and freedoms of a human being and acitizen in the field of spiritual life and information activity, individual, group and public conscience“ and „illegal usage of special means of influencing individual, group and public conscience“. In the part dedicated to methods of ensuring information security of the Russian Federation „working out special legislative and organizational mechanisms of preventing illegal information and psychological influence on mass conscience“ was planned and in the part dedicated to defense, the development of means of defense against a „sabotage and subversive activities of special services of foreign states, conducted by methods of information and psychological influence“ was planned. In foreign policy among the main directions of international cooperation of the Russian Federation in the sphere of ensuring information security „prohibition of development, dissemination and use of ‚informationWeapons‘“ was named.


In November 2000 the Commitee on Security of the Russian State Duma made the last Russian real step toward the ban of at least electromagnetic mind control weapons in Russia, when it published its conclusion „On Inclusion of Addendum to the Article 6 of the Federal law On weapon“, where it recommended the passage of the addendum. For its recommendation it presented the following arguments: ” The achievements of contemporary science and technology made possible the development of informational and psychophysiological technologies which allow for the creation of means and methods of secret, remote influence on the psyche and physiology of a person or of a group of people. There exists a wide spectrum of means enabling guaranteed change of the way of thinking of a human being, programming of his behavior, interfering with the adequacy of his reactions or artificially bringing about symptoms of dependency”. Among those means it named the audiovisual means, the effects of which are known from the mind stimulators and effects of ultrasound and infrasound on human psyche, but as well it stated that “the effects of microwave radiation cause false perception of reality, weariness, dizziness, headaches, may cause damage to heart, brain, central nervous system. Phone lines, heating and sewer pipes, TVs, fire signalization can be used as transmitting antennas”. It went on: “Practically all around the world the work on methods of hidden influence upon human psyche is considered to be a priority and rates among the most important technologies of the 21st century. Developed countries enter into their military doctrines articles on preferable use of non-lethal weapons as first weapons to be used in local conflicts, which allows to win conflicts with the smallest losses not only among their own soldiers, but as well among the soldiers of the enemy” (this was confirmed when ousted Honduran president Manuel Zelaya, while under siege in Brazilian embassy in Honduras, complained that he had been subjected to an „electron bombardment with microwaves“ which produces „headache and organic destabilization“. When asked by Amy Goodman from Democracy Now:  „As president, do you know about this in the Honduran arsenal?”  He replied: „Yes, of course“ (93). The Russian document also stated that “in the next two years expenditures of the USA for the development and purchase of non-lethal weapons will exceed one billion of dollars”.
The Commitee on Security of the Russian State Duma concluded: „At present time the federal law On Weapons forbids, at the territory of the Russian Federation, the circulation of weapons, in quality of citizen’s or armed services weapon, the offensive operations of which are based only on radioactive radiations and biological factors, not taking into consideration the development of informational and psychophysical technologies, the use of which allows for hidden influence at the human psyche and physiology. This gap in Russian legislature may be removed by introduction of corresponding addendum to the Federal law ‘On Weapons’ which bears preventive characteristic” (94).
In the year 2001 the Russian State Duma approved the addendum to the Russian law On Weapons which stated: “within the territory of the Russian Federation is prohibited the circulation of weapons and other objects … the effects of the operation of which are based on the use of electromagnetic, light, thermal, infra-sonic or ultra-sonic radiations the parameters of which exceed the permitted limits“ (108).  Besides omitting the use of the term “psychotronic energy”, the Russian legislation does not provide any means for Russian citizens to defend themselves against the use of those weapons,   nor is there any compulsion upon the police or public health organizations to set up teams capable of detecting radiation enabling remote manipulation of human body and nervous system, or the source of such radiation.  Nor does this legislation prohibit Russian government agencies from the use of such technology against their own citizens. 
In 2003 the Russian weekly Argumenty i Fakty published an interview with the iniciator of this addendum to the Russian law Sergei Voroshilov. In the iterview he stated: „We are facing a new type of criminality against which people have no defence.The official power ignores this fact… until present time no department or section was created in the system of executive power, which would have to deal with this type of criminality”.
The last published Russian attempt to reach the international ban of the use of weapons capable to remotely control the functioning of the human nervous system was an article published in the English issue of the Russian daily Pravda on July 14 2001. It was entitled „From Russia with Love! Shocking Menace of Satellíte Surveillance“ (95) and signed by „John Fleming in the USA“ (there was a world known book by Ian Fleming „From Russia with Love“ – it is highly probable, that the author was actually Russian). In the article we read: „There is no place to hide on the face of the earth. It takes just three
satellites to blanket the world with detection capacity.
Besides tracking a person,’s every action and relaying the data to a
computer screen on earth, amazing powers of satellites include reading a
person,’s mind, monitoring conversations, manipulating electronic
instruments and physically assaulting someone with a laser beam.
Remote reading of someone,’s mind through satellite technology is quite
bizarre, yet it is being done; it is a reality at present, not a chimera
from a futuristic dystopia!” The author concluded the article: „In order to give a satellite mind-reading capability, it only remains to
put some type of EEG-like-device on a satellite and link it with a computer
that has a data bank of brain-mapping research.
I believe that surveillance satellites began reading minds–or rather,
began allowing the minds of targets to be read–sometime in the early
1990s. Some satellites in fact can read a person,’s mind from space”. The western media again did not receive the permit to react to this article and the subject of the international ban of mind control weapons again was not discussed.


The richest Americans and corporations which determine the American politics had no intent to work on the ban of weapons acting on human psyche. To the contrary they apparently hoped that they will manage to gain control of the world by means of those weapons. In the American military document from the year 2000 Rebuilding America’s Defenses (96), published by the organisation Project for the New American Century, connected with the Bush junior administration we read: „It is now commonly understood that information and other new technologies – as well as widespread technological and weapons proliferation – are creating a dynamic that may threaten America’s ability to exercise its dominant military power. Potential rivals such as China are anxious to exploit these trans-formational technologies broadly, while adversaries like Iran, Iraq and North Korea are rushing to develop ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons as a deterrent to American intervention in regions they seek to dominate“.
When Russia did not manage to achieve global ban of information technologies, the Vladimir Lopatin|s party apparently did not place him on its list of candidates in the next parliamentary election and he started working in the Russian prosecutor|s general office. Most probably he resigned there even on the fight against corruption.
However there was one American congressman, who felt responsibility not only to the ruling elites, but as well to people who inhabit this planet. This was Denis Kucinich. He criticized the American plans to invade Iraq and preferred to invite Iraqi government to discussions on world security and when the invasion took place he proposed the impeachment of Gerorge Bush and Dick Cheney. On October 2nd 2001 he presented to the U.S. Congres a bill with the title Space Preservatioh Act (97), which required the U.S. president to take action to adopt and implement a world treaty banning space-based weapons, because the space should “serve the whole mankind”. .In the bill, among others, were cited the following weapons: weapons “(III) directing a source of energy (including molecular or atomic energy, subatomic particle beams, electromagnetic radiation, plasma, or extremely low frequency (ELF) or ultra low frequency (ULF) energy radiation – (note of the author – here apparently the HAARP system was meant) against that object; or
(IV) any other unacknowledged or as yet undeveloped means.
(ii) Inflicting death or injury on, or damaging or destroying, a person (or the biological life, bodily health, mental health, or physical and economic well-being of a person)—
(I) through the use of any of the means described in clause (i) or subparagraph (B);
(II) through the use of land-based, sea-based, or space-based systems using radiation, electromagnetic, psychotronic, sonic, laser, or other energies directed at individual persons or targeted populations for the purpose of information war, mood management, or mind control of such persons or populations; or
(III) by expelling chemical or biological agents in the vicinity of a person.
(B) Such terms include exotic weapons systems such as—
(i) electronic, psychotronic, or information weapons;
In the last paragraph Denis Kucinich icluded among exotic weapons systems „weapons designed to damage space or natural ecosystems (such as the ionosphere and upper atmosphere) or climate, weather, and tectonic systems with the purpose of inducing damage or destruction upon a target population or region on earth or in space”. This again referred most probably to the HAARP system.
Terrorist attacks from the September 11, 2001 probably helped to persuade Dennis Kucinich to withdraw this bill, but already three months later, in January 2002, he presented to the Congress a new version of the bill. In this bill among the types of weapons were defined only weapons which would direct energy at certain object or person, but again the bill was not voted on .
Although Dennis Kucinich represented in the U.S. Congress the state of Ohio, apparently he had many friends in the California university city Berkeley. In September 2002 the city council in Berkeley passed a resolution which banned the deployment of weapons in space above that city. The wording of the resolution they drew from the Dennis Kucinich’s bill. One member of the city council explained that the council voted for the resolution hoping that they will help to open an international debate on this subject.
The example of Berkeley than followed city councils of several Canadian cities. In 2005 Dennis Kucinich had an interview with the Berkeley Daily Planet in the article „Commentary: 2002 Berkeley Resolution Sweeps Through Canada“ (98). The author of the article Leuren Moret wrote about the part dedicated to mind control weapons: „When I seemed incredulous that these weapons were even possible to develop, Kucinich, a member of the Space and Aeronautics Subcommittee, assured me that these weapons exist and “those people who control them are deadly serious and intend to use them if we don’t stop the weaponization of space…”. That was the moment when I decided to do something about stopping it”.
Similarly to Russia in some of the states of the USA the politicians began to fear that of the weapons enabling remote control of the human nervous system could get possession criminals or mafias. For that matter in several federal states – Michigan in 2003(111), Massachustets in 2004 (112) and Maine in 2005 (113) – the legislations were passed, forbidding production, sales and use of electrical and electromagnetic weapons. That those legislations pertain to weapons, which make it possible to commit mass murder at distance can be proven by the fact that penalties go from 15 years in jail to life sentences, just like with other weapons, which could be used for mass killing (nuclear, biological, chemical). Similarly to Russia those legislations do not protect the citizens against the use of those weapons by authorities and do not provide for citizens a legal procedure by which they could ask some government agency to detect the harmful radiations, directed at them, and find their sources.


After the 9/11 attacks and establishment of the Shanghai Organization for Cooperation, whose one of the major goals was to prevent the USA from seizing the world power in an irreversible way, the publication on the subject of the existence of mind control weapons disappeared from Western as well as Russian media. In the West the only exception was in 2007 the article in Washington Post “Mind Games” (79), where the experiment with the microwave transmission of barely intelligible sentences into the brains of volunteers was published. The reason for this publication may had been that under the presidency of George Bush junior the number of people complaining that they had become victims of mind control experimentation was rising very fast (the author of this book was receiving e-mails from them). Was the “Revolution in Military Affairs” evolving in this way? Special type of publications were TV shows where possible victims of mind control experimentation were presenting their experiences and the moderators were leaving open the answer to the question whether those people are mentally ill or whether they are really attacked.
In already mentioned publication of the Project for the New American Century “Rebuilding America’s Defenses“ (96) we can read: „Does the United States have the resolve to shape a new century favorable to American principles and interests?“ and „The Defense Policy Guidance (DPG) drafted in the early months of 1992 provided a blueprint for maintaining U.S. preeminence, precluding the rise of a great power rival, and shaping the international security order in line with American principles and interests“ and „The true cost of not meeting our defense requirements will be a lessened capacity for American global leadership and,ultimately, the loss of a global security order that is uniquely friendly to American principles and prosperity. Those lines expressed the American will to acquire superior military position in the world and use it to provide for the profits from the whole world to be directed in the first place to the USA. Or in simple words to use military power to make profit. Poeple, who make money in this way, we normally call robbers, looters etc.
The USA took advantage of the 9/11 attacks (which they rather evidently could prevent, if they wished to) to invade the oil rich Iraq and in the following years were searching for a way how to justify the attack on oil rich Iran. The effort was opposed by Russia, supported by the Shanghai Organisation for Cooperation or specifically by China. To get rid of the Russian competition in the world politics the USA were building the missile shield. Provided that Russian nuclear warheads would not reach the U.S. territory, the USA would not need to fear the direct confrontation of Russian and American soldiers which would easily escalate into the nuclear war. Due to the superiority of NATO forces they would get a free hand to subdue militarily, politically and economically the rest of the world including China. In the year 2011 the first stage of the building of the American missile shield was completed. Russia concluded that in the year 2018 its nuclear arsenal will no more pose a nuclear threat to the USA and for that matter the Russian president Vladimir Putin did not participate in the summit of the leaders of the group of world most powerful states G8.
In the spring of 2012 Russians came up with the new idea how to remind the U.S. government of the threat of the Russian army. First the Russian deputy prime minister Dmitri Rogozin said in a speech opening the conference on the “Task of Military-industrial Complex in the Modernization of our Country and Society” that aside of traditional weapons the battle systems based on new physical principles will be put in service. Then in March the Russian state news agency Ria Novosti published part of the discussion between the minister of defense Anatoli Serdjukov and the prime minister Vladimir Putin, where Serdjukov told Putin: “The development of weaponry based on new physics principles; direct-energy weapons, geophysical weapons, wave-energy weapons, genetic weapons, psychotronic weapons, etc., is part of the state arms procurement program for 2011-2020” (109).
To this open allegation of the use of psychotronic weapons in the war most of the Western media reacted again very carefully. They wrote about the experiments of Allen H. Frey from the sixties of the past century with transmitting sounds into the human brain via pulsed microwaves, but avoided any mention of the intensive scientific research in this area around the world, let alone its results. There were only two exceptions:
1) the Colombian newspaper El Espectador published the article „Putin on the Road to Psychotronic War“ (114), which described the whole range of abilities of weapons capable to control the human brain, including the abilities of the HAARP system
2) and the British Daily Mail wrote that the research in the area of electromagnetic weapons was carried out in secrecy in the USA and Russia since the fifties of the past century and that „previous research has shown that low-frequency waves or beams can affect brain cells, alter psychological states and make it possible to transmit suggestions and commands directly into someone’s thought processes. High doses of microwaves can damage the functioning of internal organs, control behaviour or even drive victims to suicide”. Let us leave open the question, whether the Daily Mail was fined for this publication (115).
Evidently the West had decided again to keep the existence of those weapons in secrecy. If it did publish the whole range of capabilities of “psychotronic” weapons it would have to raise such a scandal in the public that there would be no other chance than to enact, at least in the West, the ban of those technologies.
But did they know exactly what was the Russian intention behind this publication? Would there be a chance to deprive Russia of the weapons which it could use to erase their population with a speed of light? Could the USA, when its missile shield is fully active, and Russia is deprived of psychotronic weapons, become the only dominant military power in the world?
In January 2013 published the author of this book on internationally known server Global Research the article “Psychotronic and Electromagnetic Weapons, Remote Control of the Human Nervous System“. The article reprinted the Irish news server News Beacon Ireland and on January 22 the article was referred on the information website of the United Nations among the most important articles published in the last day. When the same article under the title „How Far in the Future is the Ban of Psychotronic Weapons“ was published on Indymedia in the Great Brittain and in the USA, it was referred to not only on the information website of the United Nations, but as well on the same pages of the European Parliament and American Environment Protection Agency (to prevent the dissemination of this information among ordinary people the article was blocked on Facebook as well as on Twitter as malware).
When the author published the same article on Russian Indymedia it was referred again on all the three information sites. One week later the author published on Indymedia the article “Ban of Psychotronic Weapons is Now up to China and Russia”and the article was again referred on all the three information websites (116) The top political organs of the Western world were proposing in this way to Russia a negotiation on the international convention banning the mind control weapons. It is not possible to explain in another way the publication of those articles on the sites, which normally do not refer to internet publications. Evidently Russia was well aware that since the end of the Cold War the major goal of the foreign policy of the USA is to gain unquestionable military superiority in the world and for that matter did not accept that Western offer.
To the contrary when the struggle between Russia and the West for Ukraine (where in south-eastern Ukraine only 15% of the population favored the Ukraine’s joining of the European Union (146)) was peaking in December 2014, Vladimir Putin reminded the West about those weapons when he told during his state of the Russian Federation speech that Russia may use unconventional solutions to secure the defense of Russia. “There is no doubt about it – Russia has got options and unconventional solutions. We made a lot of talk on this subject (ongoing building of the strategic missile defense of the USA). Right now I am not going into great details, but I will say one thing: We have no intention to participate in a financially exhausting arms race, but we are determined to secure reliably and in a decisive manner the defense of our country under the changing conditions,” said Vladimir Putin (117).
Vladimir Putin did not elaborate what means of unconventional defense he meant. Evidently he did not intend to declassify them. In any case he confirmed the crisis the world was entering due to the continuing struggle for power between democratic countries. There exist technologies capable to eradicate large masses of people on this planet with a speed of light, there exist technologies capable to deprive people of elementary natural relationship to the surrounding world, based on their authentic perception of the environment, there exist technologies capable to disrupt forming of individual opinions, based on authentic experience, but they are kept in secrecy outside of people’s awareness of the world they are living in. In this way the ruling elites have option to suppress even the justified discontent of people and terminate the evolution of the world based in freedom of thought.
It is evident that if democracy is supposed to have a real future, it can not be stifled by a desire of one state seeking the absolute military control of the world (by the way this approach represents an evident contradiction and it should be suspicious to anyone – there is no way to reach absolute military power and at the same time support democracy). The only efficient way how to prevent the use of the growth of scientific knowledge (let us recall that the United States and the European Union are right now expending billions of dollars for the brain research) against people or for the doom of human population of the world or democracy is to stop the competition for the military control of the world. To stop the dangerous escalation of military conflicts of the past years would mean to return to the international order defined after the second world war, which means to respect the sovereignty of states even if they do not observe the same set of values (by the way the values of Muslim states are not really that far away from the Christian values). As well the USA should stop building military bases next to Russian territory. It is rather evident that the major problem of Russia with Ukraine is that it intends to join NATO and U.S. military bases could get some 300 km away from Moscow among the mostly Russian population of southeastern Ukraine. Threatening the states, especially the democratic ones, by military power certainly does not prove the democratic intentions. It is rather obvious as well that it is the effort to preserve the independence of their states which inspires Russian and Chinese governments to limit democracy in their countries by “uniting” their citizens in resistance against American pressure. Needless to repeat that with respect to the subject of remote control of human mind there is no difference between Russian, Chinese and American political system. Despite of all Russian publications on mind control technology in the years 1990 – 2005 in January 2017 the widely read Russian server published an article where it described people from Russian Committee for the Ecology of Dwelllings MOSCOMECO as mentally ill people (147), just like the American New York Times described as mentally ill some ten thousands of people in the USA, who complain of electromagnetic attacks on internet (126).
Despite of all Russian publications on mind control technology in the years 1990 – 2005 in January 2017 the widely read Russian server published an article where it described people from Russian Committee for the Ecology of Dwelllings MOSCOMECO as mentally ill people (147), just like the American New York Times described in the fall of 2016 as mentally ill some ten thousands of people in the USA, who complain of electromagnetic attacks on their persons on internet (126). Such articles are usually ordered by secret services.


Though the international conventions interdict experiments on people without their explicit consent, we have seen that the CIA experimented on patients of a Canadian psychiatric hospital in the program MK-Ultra without their having any knowledge of it. The similar subjects of experiments were the U.S. soldiers, who were sent to watch the first explosions of nuclear bombs. The armies and intelligence agencies have so far never resisted the temptations to test the effects of new weapons on people, who were not ready for such a test. For anthrax attacks, which followed the 9/11 attacks, was first accused Iraq, but in the end it became obvious that the scientist, who was later suspected of the attacks and committed suicide, lacked the kowledge and the equipment for the production of the sophisticated powder, used in the second batch of the attacks. The knowledge and equipment, which could be used for the production of this powder owned the laboratory Batelle, which cooperated with the CIA. So were the anthrax attacks a very dangerous and murderous experiment on unwitting people executed at the time, when such experiments were banned by the interntional convention against the use of biological weapons?
We already know that Vladimir Lopatin indirectly admitted that experiments with psychotronic weapons were carried out on Russian citizens.
An independent researcher and freelance writer from England, David G. Guyatt, quoted, in the synopsis prepared for the ICRC symposium ”The Medical Profession and the Effects of Weapons” a medical engineer from the U.S. Department of Defense as saying in 1989 on CNN program on electromagnetic weapons that microwaves and other modalities had regularly been used against Palestinians /(118).
In December 2001 it was confirmed by the head of the Israeli military research and development Major General Isaac Ben-Israel, who was just leaving his position. He said to the American army weekly Defense News that his directorate “explored different scientific and phenomenological fields – including mind control – in attempts to contain and deter terrorist activity”. „We invested in this for a few years,. but we determined that it was not effective,“ Ben-Israel said of mind control methods, “many of which were developed by military and security agencies of the former Soviet Union” (119). Certainly Ben-Israel could not declare in the U.S. weekly that Israelis were testing classified American weapons and as well he could not describe the successes the Israelis had achieved using this technology. It would easily produce in the readership self-defensive reactions which could end up in demands for the ban of those weapons.
That Ben-Israel was not telling the truth, when speaking about unsuccessful tests of those weapons, was proved by the events, which took place in 1986. In that year two Palestinian terrorists, Ahmed Hazi and Farouk Salameh, who exploded a bomb in an Arabian club in West Berlin, were tried in Germany. The New York Times wrote on November 18th 1986 in the article „Berlin Terror Trial Starts; Syria is Implicated“ that hey were arrested on a tip from the British intelligence, but German investigators had no evidence against them. However in the course of investigation they confessed that they carried out the bombing and they admitted as well that the attack was actually organized by Syria, which supplied them, through its embassy in East Berlin, the bomb and that colonel Haitem Said, a deputy to general Mohammed Kholi, the head of Syrian Air Force intelligence and president Assad’s national security adviser, had instructed them in the use of the suitcase bomb. Even the judge in the trial commented on defendant’s confessions: „He has spoken about what in the world of terrorism one should remain silent about“ (121). The West was at that time searching desperately for a proof that the Syrian government was involved in terrorist attacks on western territory in order to prevent further attacks. Due to confessions of Salameh and Hazi the European Union imposed sanctions on Syria and Germany withdrew the proposed loan to Syria in the amount of 73 millions dollars.
In November 18th 1986 the respected German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung wrote in the article “Im Namen Allahs und mit gebalter Faust” (In the Name of Allah and With Squeezed Fist), that at the first day of the proceedings Ahmed Hazi was denying his previous confessions and when the judge lost his patience and read him out loud his confessions from pre-trial interrogations, he said that he somewhat recalls having made some confession, but he does not remember its contents, because at this time he was not in control of himself. Then Hazi rose from his seat to make it obvious that he is going to make an official statement and in a quiet voice he stated: “In the name of Allah, in the name of mercy, in the name of Arabian nation I want to explain what I had to suffer here in the German Republic”. Then his speech grew faster and more passionate and finally he started yelling, waving his squeezed fist. When the judge rebuked him, he continued again quietly and said that Germany considers itself to be a democratic country and for that matter the torture is there illegal, but despite of that he and Farouk Salameh had been subjected to torture. Salameh immediately confirmed his words. Then Hazi described the torture, he was subjected to, as “waves of voices” that were beamed into his cell by western intelligence services. Salameh confirmed that into their cells voices were beamed that paralyzed their brains. When the judge objected that in response to Hazi’s written complaint his cell was searched with no voices being found there, Hazi replied that those voices were beamed directly into his head by means of some waves by western secret services. Finally Hazi turned to the audience and said that the man, who discovered that the planet Earth is round, was burned, but later it was proved that he was correct, just like his present statement will be later proved to be correct. The judge asked him, whether he was hearing the voices at the trial and Hazi replied that he did not. Before the trial Hazi was examined by a neurologist, who confirmed that he is fit to stand the trial (66). With the information presented in this book it is obvious that the western intelligence services carried out, with Salameh and Hazi, a successful experiment, which proved that it is possible to get somebody’s confessions against his own will.
It is possible that mind control experiments were performed as well with the prisoners at Guantnamo Bay. Some of them complained, that they had visual and audio hallucinations.
During the conference on Nonlinear Electrodynamics in Biological Systems E. Del Giudicce from the Department of Physics at the university in Milano, Italy, spoke about the possibility to create blood clots by coherent propagation of electric waves in the supporting medium when the fibrinogen is present in the blood (67) (recall the interactions of electromagnetism and chemicals). In 1991, after the first American invasion in Iraq, several American newspapers (68) published the inormation that the son of Saddam Hussein, in his newspaper Babel, printed the news that American secret services attempted to kill his father, trying to form a blood clot in his heart or brain by means of ”psychotronics and bio communication”.
It is a good question in which way are gaining experience the operators of mind control devices, who are supposed to conduct either military or domestic operations. Their commanders certainly do not want them to fail in their tasks during the war or civil uprising the way the unexperienced Russian operators failed during the putsch against Gorbachov. To get real skills they can only practice their abilities on people, who are not informed that they became subjects of experiments. There are thousands of people around the world, who complain, that they have become victims of those experiments. The effort of operators to control their behavior usually destroys their lives. Frequently they are no more capable to perform their duties at work and they lose their friends and families, to whom they confer their experiences and who consider them to be mentally ill.
One woman in the Czech Republic was confined in a mental hospital just because she told the doctors, who were unable to diagnose the cause of her health problems, that she is attacked by electromagnetic waves. Nathalie from France wrote in her testimony: “I was fired upon a medical officer’s simple notice, who had declared that I was unfit for any work whatsoever… Meanwhile, mind control did everything for me to be discredited in the others‘ eyes and be considered a mental patient for my family, my friends, my colleagues. They even made me write an article in the media!… I have no more thought for myself, I have no more memory, no more capacity of concentration. Two hours‘ sleep per night, sometimes three hours and a half! Other people speak in my place. Sometimes, I have a feeling that thoughts are being sent to me, sometimes I feel nothing. I cannot speak all alone any longer, This is done by other people. The only thing which I could do is to choose to say or not to say what they send… They ‘send’ me pains, so that I could give up relaxing and allowing myself a little rest… They have removed my emotions, little by little. Although I cry all the time, they keep creating states in which I can no longer cry nor feel whatsoever. There’s perhaps a borderline in their lack of empathy and their coldness… They tortured me for five years, they’ve prevented me from living for five years. They take pleasure in humiliating me sexually and belittling me, they take pleasure in humiliating me intellectually, in my feminine position and estranging me from my family.”.
A criminal investigator in the Czech Republic had to quit his job, because he was unable to perform his duties due to tinnitus. When he was at the brink of his forces and decided to commit suicide suddenly he heard a voice in his head asking him to confess to everything. Similar experience had a man in Canada.
In Japan at the beginning of his experience a man saw in his mind two policemen. Later it happened to him that, while he was gardening, a Japanese TV show on gardening appeared in his mind .
In China Yao Duo frequently acts against his own will. For example after crying for some time at the funeral, he started laughing. At night, when he shuts his eyes, he can see images. They are sex, murder and violent images. He visited the best hospital in Shengzhen province. He recalled his visit: “Doctor placed an integrated circuit board the size of a cigarette pack in front of my eyes. He asked me to shut my eyes. When I shut my eyes, the diamond shape image appeared on the integrated circuit board and also the numbers. I saw them like my eyes were open”. Doctor explained: “When your eyes are shut, this integrated circuit will send images signals to your brain, if you could receive it correctly, which means you could see the images, as if your eyes were open, that would mean your brain waves are normal, otherwise your brainwaves are not normal” (122). In this way he confirmed that the man is mentally sound and as well he demonstrated to him, how images can be transmitted into his brain.
According to New Tang Dynasty Television Lee Chun Ze had been complaining for fifteen years to National Security Bureau in Heng Yang through phone, mail and hand carried mails. During the 15 years long experience Lee has basically been stripped clean of any personal wealth. On March 10 2009, Huang Jiang Heng, the chief of the National Security Bureau of Heng Yang city division has officially recognised Lee Chun Ze as victim of mind control persecution. Huang also promised to Lee to compensate for his losses. He told him: „Your problem has finally come to an end. Give me one month“. After a month Lee could sleep better but the targeting had not been stopped. He called again the division chief Huang, who replied: „This is indeed a cruelty“, but he did not manage to help him anyway and his suffering was not put to an end.
An unnamed psychiatrist explained in the second part of the Chinese whistleblower TV New Tang Dynasty Television program Citizen’s Forum on mind control (123): „if you talk to a mental patient, he or she can make you feel strange instantly However T.I.s [targeted individuals] can express themselves very clearly… T.I.s write blog postings clearly stating their problems in understandable grammar“. Wang Zhi, professor of I.T. department of Beijing Technological University, chairman of China Artificial Intelligence Association and Committee of Psychology and Emotion of Artificial Intelligence development and author of the book „Psychology of Artificial Intelligence“ told the TV that after he came to touch with Chinese T.I.s he realized that it is a big community and that mind control phenomenon :¨“might be just real and serious. T.I.s are not crazy people. They are truly interfered by some radio signals from uknown sources outside their head“.
The moderator of the Chinese whistleblower TV drew the following conclusion: „In all T.I.s definitions there is one common feature – it can read your mind and knows what you are thinking. Then it will invade your mind with voices and also images. This way it could control you to commit actions you didn’t plan originally. Gradually T.I.s will realise they lose control over themselves. As if T.I.s were robots controled and manipulated by external forces“.
According to Lee Chun Ze there were over 1,000 people in China, who gave their names to the Chinese organisation of targeted individuals.
The number of people complaining of such attacks is constantly growing around the world. Some ten years ago the Japanese organisation of people claiming to be attacked in this way had about 200 members. In 2016 it had 400 members and the organisation was contacted by 1522 people (19 of them died) (124). As well some ten years ago the directrice of the American organisation Mind Justice Cheryl Welsh claimed that she was contacted by about two and half thousand Americans. According to Derrick Robinson, until the last year the head of the U.S. organisation „Citizens Against Harmfull Techonology“ (125), there are 4 to 5 thousand e-mail participants in the activities of the organisation. On June 10 2016 The New York Times published an article on the Americans, claiming to be victims of psychotronic attacks (126). The article stated: „The community, conservatively estimated to exceed 10,000 members, has proliferated since 9/11“ (remember that the American army Strategic Studies Institute predicted that the rise of terrorism will convince the U.S. president to accept the use of this „psychotechnology“ and that at the same time the U.S. government was apparently aware of the preparations of 9/11 attacks and that in the powder from World Trade Center the remains of explosives were found produced exclusively for the U.S. Department of Defense (148)). If you realize that at least the New York Times Editor in chief is acquiented with the list of subjects banned from publication including mind control technololgies, than you should realize as well that this article aims to convince the general public that people complaining of psychotronic attacks are mentally ill and therefore the general public does not need to fear that such technologies could be used against it. Anyhow this is still the sign of a rising totalitarian state of the new type. The article confirms as well that two of the people, who claimed to be targeted by „psychotronic weapons“, committed terrorist attacks, naturally omitting the possibility that they responded in this way to their impression that they are being occupied by the government agencies.
If the Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya pravda, after publishing the article on targeting of the former colonel from KGB, received 400 letters from people, who claimed to have similar problems, one could guess, that there must be at least 2000 people making the same complaints in Russia. The new Russian organisation of those people Moscow Committee for Ecology of Dwellings (127) after adressing the Russian president, the Russian prime minister, the Russian Prosecutor General and Russian courts, complained at the European Court of Human rights in Strasbourg. The Russian complaint was registered on March 11 2010 (128). Since that time the court did not act.
According to the chairwoman of the Polish organisation there are 45 people complaining to be targeted by psychotronic weapons. On the international website Peaceping (129) 79 people are registered in the French group, the group of Africans has got 15 members, the group of Brazilians has got 33 members, in Yemeni group 4 people are registered and four people are registered in the group of people from Australia and New Zealand. Those numbers give some reply to the question which states are most engaged in the development of psychtronic weapons. When in the nineties of the past century the author of this book inquired with the Czech expert on psychiatry how many people in the Czech republic (10 milions of inhabitants) could claim that their brain‘s functioning is manipulated by secret services, he replied that maximally three. Due to his publications on this subject, the author of this book was contacted by approximately 20 Czech citizens in the past decade.
In the USA in 2013 275 of people involved with the CAHT organisation took part in the survey, conducted by the organisation. Out of them 48,5% were unemployed and 24% were employed, only 10% were married, 34% were college graduates, 28% claimed they had been involuntarily detained in a mental facility, 17% believed they had been targeted because of policical or social activism. 77% claimed to be targeted after the year 1991, 49% claimed that they are under continuous attack, 77% claimed that they are subjected to remote electronic assaults. 47% suffered from sleep deprivation 34% suffered from burning sensations, 31% experienced remote body manipulation, 43% suffered from ringing in ears, 30% suffered from itching and 33% suffered from stinging. 58% claimed that the harassment is partly sexual in nature, 23% claimed that they had been subjected to electronic rape, 45% claimed to be subjected to synthetic telepathy (hearing voices). Out of the people, who claimed to hear voices 74% received threats, 53% received criticism, 57% were exposed to endless idle chatter and 28% believed thay had been interrogated. 41% of the respondents reported the attacks to local authorities, 41% to state representatives, 31% to Congress representatives, 16% to newspapers, 14% to radio stations and 15% to TV stations.
According to the chairman of the Japanese organisation Terukatsu Ishibashi survey, conducted among 1200 people, 69% were convinced that somebody knows, what is happening in their mind, 58% were hearing voices, 54% suffered from sudden pains, 41% suffered from insomnia, 68% suffered from sleep disturbances, 43% experienced strange dreams, 37% suffered from involuntary movements of hands, feet, neck and skin, 34% perceived odors, which did not come from their environment, 34% experienced aroused suspiciousness, 34% experienced intensifying of hate feelings and 24% experienced feelings that somebody is touching their genitals (124).
Some idea of how such manipulation can feel we can get from the lecture of Friedman Kaiser, from the Department of Theoretical Physics in Stuttgart, Germany. At the conference on Nonlinear Electrodynamics in Biological Systems (70), in his lecture he described how does the ”entrainment” of biological system (including the brain) to the external stimulation develop: ”Regular external perturbations interact with the internal oscillations, the system can be synchronized to the external drives (entrainment). A sharp frequency response results, exhibiting… rather irregular behavior near the entrainment region. On the route from the free to the forced oscillations one finds near the region of entrainment a nonlinear superposition of free and forced oscillations… the occurrence of strongly periodic states with submultiples of the external frequency enables the system to couple to other frequencies or to decouple partially from the driving field.” In simple words a man or woman who will fall victim to complex manipulation of the type of ”strategic personality simulation” the American Strategic Studies Institute was proposing, will live in the condition comparable to military occupation of a state.
On the market are available detectors registering microwave frequencies and density of their energies and one could expect that the victims of those manoeuvres of specialised army units could use them to obtain an evidence that they are exposed to harmfull microwave radiations, but the measurements are complicated due to electromagnetic smog. Measurements which would prove presence of microwaves pulsed in brain frequencies or extra long waves in brain frequencies in the vicinity of the person, claiming to be attacked, should provide conclusive evidence of the attack. However such detectors are not yet available on the market. So far only James Walbert in the United States, who was attacked by his fromer business asssociate, succeded to win a court case. The evidence of this attack was presented to the court by security specialist, who proved that electronic frequencies were involved. James Walbert also gained support of a couple of police officers and made use of letters from Missouri Representative, Jim Guest and documents of the U.S. Department of Defense (130). Though this court decision was a very unusual precedent, the major U.S. media did not report on the case, apparently observing the ban on the publications on this subject.
Some of the people, claiming to be attacked, managed to get into electromagnetically shielded rooms of research laboratories, but their problems persisted even there. There are two possilbe explanations. Either they are mentally ill or there is a new technology replacing the use of pulsed microwaves for remote manipulation of the human nervous system.


We have seen that already in 1990 the Russian jouranalist have interviewed A. Okhatrin, who told them that leptonic fields can penetrate all obstacles and are capable to control at distance the activity of the human nervous system. In the itroductory chapter of their book Psychotronic Weapon and the Security of Russia Vladimir Lopatin and Vladimir Tsygankov wrote: „Psychotronic weapon – this is not a weapon using radiation (powerfull generators, radiating beams of energy as a destructive factor), but specifically organized energo-informational flows of known as well as unkown physical nature“, which they called torsion fields. The Russian defense minister included among the technologies, which should be included into the Russian military arsenal by year 2020, aside of weapons using directed energy and electromagnetic waves, psychotronic weapons and as well Denis Kucinich named pschotronic weapons in his original bill of Space Preservation Act. So are there uknown technologies for manipulation of the activitiy of the human nervous system?
Vladimir Lopatin and Vladimr Tsygankov wrote that the discovery of torsion fields was the result of research into parapsychological phenomena (in Eastern Europe they are called psychotronic phenomena) such as telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance etc. It makes sense to believe that psychotronic weapons are the result of this research.
In December 2013 Serge Kernbach, director of Stuttgart Research Center for Advanced Robotics and Ecology – Cybertronica, published a study „Unconventional Research in USSR and Russia“ (131). According to that study the first experiments, searching to disclose the physical principles of parapsychological phenomena were carried out in Russia already in the 19th century. After the communist revolution the research received state support, when in 1924 the minister of education Lunacharski founded the Russian Committee for Psychical Research at the international Committee of the Psychical Research. Already in 1927 it was proved that transfer of thoughts is not based in electromagnetism. People with telepathic abilities were capable to communicate even when they were enclosed in electromagnetically shielded rooms. From 1932 until 1937 the Soviet Department of Defense directed a research program on biological transfer of information. The works were conducted at the Bechterev’s Brain Institute in Leningrad and at the laboratory of biophysics of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow. The first was assigned to work on the transfer of visual images and remote influence at certain person and the latter to investigate a physical nature of telepathy. In 1937 the soviet authorities terminated the research. Some of unconventional employees working on this program were exiled and some were executed. However the works by A. Barchenko from this era are still classified. The title of one of his studies was „Introduction to the Methodology of Experimental Influence of Volumetric Energy field“. His work was funded under personal istructions of the minister of interior Dzerzhinskiy.
Next stage of the Soviet research started again in1955. There were speculations that it was inspired by the German research in the same area. S. Ja. Turlygin (who already in 1942 wrote on his experiments with microwaves: „a negligible portion of the energy absorbed by the nerve is enough to produce a number of secondary phenomena in the body caused by the excitation of a nerve“ and „all parts of the electromagnetic spectrum contain some bands, which act differently on biological objects, in particular, on the nervous system of a living organism“) was assigned a new area of research. He created a sophisticated system, which was supposed to prevent the electromagnetic transfer between human organisms and draw a conclusion that „some of the properties and parameteres of recorded radiation differ from electromagnetic radiation, for example it does not deviate in the electric field of a capacitor“.
When in 1961 the Soviet Academy of Sciences aproved the continuation of this research, there were speculations, that this was a decision of the Russian minister of internal affairs R. J. Malinowskiy, to whom the documents on American experiments with the use of telepathy for military purposes were presented.
Part of this Russian research was an experiment, where electrodes were implanted into brains of two rabbits and they were removed from each other at a distance of 7 kilometers. Then one rabbit was stimulated by 1.5 – 2.5 volt signal and the reactions of second rabbit were studied. V.P. Perov wrote in the report on the experiment: „the number of matches is well over a half of the total number of cycles… which gives reasons to accept the hypothesis of existence of connection between rabbits“.
At the begining of the seventies the Central Committee of the USSR established a special commission which was assigned the task to provide to the Soviet leadership scientific evidence whether the parapsychological phenomena really exist. The commission confirmed the existence of those phenomena.
Russian research was closely watched by the U.S. intelligence agencies. The agency of the U.S. army DIA compiled in 1972 its findings in the document „Controlled Offensive Behavior – USSR“. The document stated that in the USSR is carried out the research of paranormal phenomena in 20 research centers with the budget of 21 million dollars.
Such findings could only intensify the American research in this area. We have seen that Vladimir Lopatin wrote that in the 90’s in the USA there were 150 organisations working on parapsychological and bioenergetic research. According to Serge Kernbach some of the U.S. research was declassified. For example in 1995 was declassified the research on clairvoyance (non-local perception) entitled „Anomalous Mental Phenomena“. CIA ordered the work on this program from Stanford Research Institute and later Science Applications International Corporation. From another research program „Star Gate“ 80.000 pages of text were declassified. This program was conducted under the auspices of counterintelligence. Both Soviet and American intelligence services were employing at this time large numbers of people with parapsychological abilities. In Russia research was carried out as well on Nina Kulagina, who was able to move objects at distance and was capable to do it even when she was electromagnetically shielded. Her abilities were studied at the St. Petersburg Institute of Fine Mechanics and Optics.
Russian interest in the advances in this area abroad spelled itself in the decision to appoint professor G A. Samoilov, who was an employee of the Soviet ministry of interior, as a Soviet representative at the International Association for the Study of Psychotronics. Apparently it was as well this Soviet interest which inspired the organisation of First International Conference on psychotronics in the communist Czechoslovakia in 1973.
In Czechoslovakia lived at that time Robert Pavlita, who was employed as a deputy director of one Czechoslovak industrial enterprise and who construed objects in special forms, which, he claimed, were able to accumulate bioenergy from all living things. When his objects acquired enough of bioenergy, they were able to perfectly purify within 12 hours water containing industrial waste. Pavlita used to add to water metal shavings, but those were not able to purify the water without accumulators of bioenergy. Robert Pavlita was also able to magnetize by his own energy parts of metal objects, which experimentators asked him to magnetize. It means that he was able to synchronize by his energy the spin of electrons in the prescribed areas of metal objects. This was proving that „bioenergy“ interacts with the known physical reality. Both DIA and KGB were interested in Pavlita‘s experiments, but he refused to disclose the principles of construction of his passive generators of biological fields for fear that they could be used against people.
In the 80’s and 90ˇs in the USSR the research in this area was coordinated by the State Committee for Science and Technology at the Council of Ministers USSR where representatives of Ministry of Defense and KGB (state police) directly participated. The committee’s task was to set the main directions of the development of science and technology and organize the transfer of their discoveries to production facilities. The Soviet scientists, engaged in the parapsychological research, concentrated at that time on the methods of collection of parapsychological fields. For example a passive generator CERPAN, constructed by A. A. Beridze-Strakhovskiy caused magnetization of hydrogen nuclee in seeds of wheat, tobaccos and buck wheat, caused changes in water conductivity and hydrogen index and the number of intestinal bacilli in 1 milliliter of water decreased to four from previous 111 after impact of bioenergy. As well effects on cell membrane potential were recorded – this means that activity of neurons (which are cells as well) could be affected by this radiation.Candidate of physics and mathematics S. Maslobrod stated that the emanation from CERPAN generator penetrated practically throuhg all barriers known in physics including biological one. Beridze-Strakhovskiy the inventor of CERPAN generator refused to disclose its precise structure for fear that it could be used to cause harm to people.
In the 80’s in Russia the torsion fields generators were mentioned for the first time. In 1986 already 30 torsion fields generators were constructed and in the same year the Soviet prime minister Nikolay Ryzhkov decided that the works in this field should get organized and the Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party and the USSR Council of Ministers issued a classified document entitled „Management of living objects, including human“. In 1989 the decree N724 by Council of Ministers was issued which formed a Center of Unconventional Technologies that should work exclucively on psychotronic technologies. As a director of this center A.E. Akimov was appointed, who worked, prior to this nomination at the Moscow Scientific Research Institute of Radio, at the Research Institute for communication Systems and Control, and in 1987-1991 as the department head at the Research Institute of Microdevices (NII MP). Research topics he covered there related to communication systems. Later the Center of Unconventional Technologies was called center Vent. It used the budget of 500 millions rubles (over 500 millions dollars) and about 20 different research institutes were working for the center Vent as subcontractors. Its work continued until 2003, though in 1991 the member of the Soviet Academy of Sciences wrote a letter to the Supreme Council of the USSR, where he stated: „From the mid-80’s the defense agencies and KGB funded disjointed pseudoscientific closed developments, related to the problems of communication, weapons, and drug-free impact on human“.
According to published materials the torsion fields generators were using materials with ordered spin of electrons or in principle magnetized materials. But the real way in which they transmitted information apparently was not published. Certainly if it worked, the secret of their functioning could not be disclosed. Otherwise other countries would use the information for their production. G. I. Shipov published a fundametal work with massive mathematical apparatus entitled „Theory of Physical Vacuum“ where he named the functioning of torsion generators as an experimental proof of the validity of his theory (the theory of physical vacuum was presenting as well Harold Puthoff, who worked for ten years on the American research of parapsychological phenomena). In the open scientific literature one can find spin waves, capable to pass throug magnetic and electric insulator and produce electric current in the conductor (132), but only on short distances and velocity of spin waves is about equal to the speed of sound and for that matter could not be used at great distances as well.
In Russia the functioning of torsion generators was tested by various research institutes – the Institute of Virology of Academy of Medical Sciences, Institute of Bioengineering, at the Gamal’s Institute, Pharmacological Institute , NPO ’Volna’, NPO of engineering, Institute of Crystallography, etc. One of the ways their effects were detected was the change of conductivity of materials. Let us recall that Victor Sedlecki said that psychotronic generators were produced in the Institute of Problems of Conductivity of Materials in Kiev, where he was employed. So it is possible that during the putsch against Gorbachov those were torsion field generators that were used to manipulate the minds of the OMON soldiers and that they were mass produced in Kiev.
The effects of torsion fields were detected on electrical double layers. Between the years 1983 and 1993 the Polytechnical University in Tomsk developed sensors based on quartz resonators and at the begining of 90’s Y. P. Kravchenko developed sensors, whose function was based on measurement of electric fields. Between 1995 and 1998 the Center of Energetic and Information Technologies and the State Institute of Fine Mechanics and Optics (where teleportation abilities of Nina Kulagina were researched) produced magnetic and thermal sensors. In the year 2000 many studies were published on effects of „highly penetrating radiation“ on different devices using semiconductors and in 2013 19 groups of physical effects were known, which could be used for the development of sensors. The majority of scientific community though considered the results of those measurements inconclusive, since the measured effects were very feable and could be caused by other influences. The center Vent was closed in 2005.
After the year 2000 the interest of the world governments in abilities of people with parapsychological abilities waned away. The more probable explanation seems to be that the scientists succeeded to find physical principles governing those phenomena and for that matter they lost interest in people with those abilities. It is not probable that scientists and governments would give up on this research without terminating it successfully. The author of the book The Time of Shambala: Occultism, Science and Politics in the Soviet Russia (133) A. I. Andreyev quoted one representative of the Soviet power structures: „’In general, in 80s, in this country, it was created a system of well-organized and conspiratorial work to develop new methods and means of resolving interstate and internal political problems without involving intimidating power forces and damaging effects. It includes methods of obtaining timely information, other than the traditionally known’.


Michael Persinger, who apparently worked on the U.S. electromagnetic mind control programs (134,47) and possibly psychotronic (as we will see) research and in 1995 warned that within the last two decades has emerged “the technical capability to influence directly the major portion of the approximately six billion brains of the human species without mediation through classical sensory modalities by generating neural information within a physical medium within which all members of the species are immersed”, in 2011 published on Internet a lecture describing his experiments with remote communication between human brains. His lecture, entitled “No More Secrets” (135), he started with description of his experiments with Ingo Swann, whom the CIA tried to use to remote spying in the Soviet military facilities. Possibly Michael Persinger studied his abilities for the CIA.
In his lecture he described how he asked Ingo Swann to describe what a person sees, which is located some 15 minutes of walk away from the place of experiment and Swann described some details properly. As well Swann was capable to approximately describe what was on the photography, which was hidden in another room. Michael Persinger found out that the success of those experiments depended on the prevailing frequency in Swann’s right brain hemisphere. Successful attempts occurred, when in Swann’s right hemisphere prevailed the 7 Herz frequency, which is the basic frequency found in the atmosphere of our planet. Further Persinger found out that Swann is capable to perceive at distance only when the magnetic field of the planet is quiet and without disturbances.
With this knowledge he proceeded to another series of experiments, where he placed two people, without telepathic abilities, in the identical magnetic field at different places and asked one of them to look at a picture and the other one to paint what the first one was looking at. The drawings of the second person were far from exact copies, but their shapes resembled the shapes in the pictures the first person was looking at. In addition to it when Michael Persinger placed the first person in a dark room and produced there a flash of light the brain activity of the other person, sitting in another dark room, was influenced by this flash of light (when measuring the brain activity with the photon multiplier, Michael Persinger found out that even a simple thought of light produced emission of photons in the brain, exiting the retina independently on the neuronal activity). So it seemed that when two brains are situated in the same magnetic field, they become interconnected. It seemed as well that Schvann’s brain used for connection with other brains the 7 Hertz frequency. The 7 Hertz waves are approximately 43.000 kilometers long, they are produced by thunderstorms and keep circulating the planet, because the ionosphere does not allow them to escape from the atmosphere. Did Swann’s brain waves use those waves as a carrier frequency? When Michael Persinger and his team tried to block the communication between the brain of Ingo Swann and the other subject of experiment, they succeeded only when they created around the other subject a magnetic field, generated by the system Windows. According to Michael Persinger the activity of the Windows system covers all electromagnetic frequencies. In all other magnetic fields, they tried to use to disrupt the communication between the brains of Ingo Swann and the other subject, the communication went on.
Another subject studied by Michael Persinger was Sean Harribance, who could tell people, he was talking to (or just by photography), what was their past. After measuring all possible parameters Michael Persinger and his team reached a conclusion, that at the times, when Sean Harribance was reading the past of other people the electroecephalograhic recordings of their two brains showed a synchronized activity of their brains and that the Earth magnetic field above the right hemisphere of Harribance’s brain was weakened by photons emitted from his brain due to the activity of his neurons, which was measured by electroencephalograph. In addition to it at the times when Harribance was reading the past of some person, it was the 7 Hz frequency, which prevailed in his brain activity. The part of the brain called Hippocampus is considered to be a gate to memory and for the activity of this part of the brain 7 Hz frequency is typical. Michael Persinger said that Sean Harribance is the man, who told the U.S. army (or rather CIA), after the U.S. invasion in Iraq, where and in what hole to find Saddam Hussain.
According to the news in the media Saddam Hussain was found due to the lead from an informer. If Michael Persinger knew the other story, it goes to prove again, that he was cooperating with the CIA on their research. It is evident that if he succeeded to discover the physical laws governing telepathy, he could not publish his discovery.
Michael Persinger concluded his lecture saying that this newly developed technology will open access to every human brain in the world and due to this fact nobody will be able to keep any secrets any more. This is why he entitled his lecture “No More Secrets”.
In the following discussion at one point he spoke about “a technology we have developed”, but at the same time he denied that they would know already the way how to access an individual brain. Sean Harribance could apparently do it.
The findings of Michael Persinger and Russian research had two common points. Both Michael Persinger and Vladimir Tsygankov (in the book “Psychotronic Weapon and Security of Russia) said that all the activity of all human brains remains stored in the space, which is enclosed in the Earth magnetic field and both stated that the energies connected with parapsychological phenomena are extremely small and what is essential for their functioning is their structure.


Did Russians really discover mysterious leptonic and torsion fields, which Vladimir Tsygankov described in the way, which did not fit into the generally accepted physical concepts?
When Michael Persinger tried to explain parapsychological phenomena, which he studied and as well produced, he admitted that one of possible explanation is the long time accepted quantum physical concept of non-local electron and photon connection. In this kind of connection or communication two or more electrons or photons, which made an „encounter“ maintain at distance the same reactions. When two electrons „meet“, they will maintain the oposite spins even at great distances and if one of them changes the spin, the other one will do the same thing. When two photons meet, then even at great distances they will maintain the opposite polarisations. If polarisation of one of them changes, the other one will react by changing its polarisation in the opposite way. In this way electrons and photons maintain the zero value of their spins or polarisations.
An intensive research in this area is carried out all over the world, because whoever masters this phenomenon, he can create a communication system, which can not be intercepted. By changing the spin of an electron on his side of the communication channel, he will produce the change of spin of the electron on the other side of the communication channel, where this change will be read. Whoever would try to „listen“ to this communication, he would distort the communication and in this way the communicating parties would find out about it. If two brains or a brain and a neurocomputer would be connected in this way, they could be aware of their activities or eventually the activity of all the brains on the planet could be controled from one center without any expenses for the transmission of the signals.
However published experiments in this area can’t seem to prove that such transmissions would be feasible in present time. The major problem is that when the non-locally connected photons and electrons start interacting with their environment, their connection is lost. To solve this problem the scientists try to cool down the interconnected materials close to the zero Kelvin temperature (-273 degrees Celsius or – 459 degrees Fahrenheit) to minimize internal activity of atoms. In this way american scientists managed in 2014 to achieve a quantum non-local entanglement in a half a million out of one million atoms of rubidium, enclosed in one cloud into which they emitted 100 million photons. Other American scientists created in 2013 a system, capable to produce in one second 5.000 photons non-locally connected with atoms of deeply frozen rubidium. The non-local connection lasted in their understanding several milionth of a second, which was sufficient time span to verify the non-local connection. They claimed that interconnection of several such systems could make it possible to create communication systems or super fast computers.
In 2008 the professor of physics at the top British Oxford University Vlatko Vedral, wrote in the article „Quantifying Entanglement in Macroscopic Systems“ in magazine Nature (136) „Given that macroscopic entanglement exists, an important technological question is how easy this entanglement would be to extract and use” and „in theory, entanglement can exist in arbitrarily large and hot systems. But how true is this in practice?… Furthermore, does macroscopic entanglement also occur in living systems and, if so, is it used by these systems?“. If entanglement in living systems occured, the parapsychological phenomena could be explained in this way and the road to their exploitation in the remote control of the functioning of human brains would be open.
In the introduction to his study on unconventional research in Russia Serge Kernbach wrote, that Russian research concentrated, aside from electromagnetic effects on biological objects as well on „quantum entanglement in macroscopic systems“ and „nonlocal signal transmission based on the Aharonov-Bohm effect“ and that he found in the patent of the director of the Russian Center Vent A. Akimov „a number of evidences, that the issue of ’torsion generators’ is closely related to the Aharonov-Bohm effect, and to several effects of quantum phenomena in macroscopic systems“ (136).
In Aharonov-Bohm effect a charged particle is affected by a magnetic field even as it travels through a region in which the magnetic field is zero. It means it is affected by only a potential energy. This hypothesis was verified in the experiments, where electrons were passing around the closed magnetic field and the wave function of the electron changed its phase, though it did not pass through the magnetic field. Jakir Aharonov and David Bohm proposed such experiment in 1959 with the objective to prove that in quantum physics it is not important to calculate with physical fields, but with potentials. The first successful experiment was carried out in 1986 by Japanese scientist Akiro Tonomura and was replicated many times. In this way it was proved that even a potential energy produces real effects. The question is whether it is possible to produce physical effects with energy potentials at long distances.
While scientists in Russia were writing about torsion fields, some American scientist wrote about scalar fields, attributing them rather identical properties. Tom Bearden published on this subject, just like the Russian scientists, rather mysterious theories outside scientific magazines. Somewhat different theories presented in Europe Konstantin Meyl. Neither of them presented a theory which would be or could be verified by an experiment. One Czech scientist told me, that the military scientists can not be prevented from publications of their findings, but at the same time they must not publish their actual discoveries or disclose their principles to the “enemies”.
Harold E. Puthoff presented to the American Patent Office much more realistic discovery. He earned a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Stanford University, worked for the American corporation General Electric, American National Security Agency (NSA) and then for three and half years for the American Department of Defense, where his work on high-speed opto-electronic computers resulted in the award of a DoD Certificate of Commendation for Outstanding Performance. He invented tunable infra-red laser and he is co-author of the book “Fundamentals of Quantum Electronics”, published in English, French, Russian and Chinese. Unlike Tom Bearden he published articles in scientific magazines (137). Since 1971 until 1985 he directed remote viewing program of the CIA and DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency of the U.S. army) which was supposed to disclose the physical principles of parapsychological phenomena. Then he served various corporations, government agencies, the Executive Branch and Congress as consultant on leading-edge technologies and future technology trends. In 1993 he presented to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office the invention entitled “Communication method and apparatus with signals comprising scalar and vector potentials without electromagnetic fields” (138). The Patent Office accepted his patent only after five years and in educatoinal programs on patent law the case of Puthoff’s patent is used as an example of a situation, when even a competent reviewer was not able to discern between innovation and pseudoscience. The patent makes use of Aharonov-Bohm effect and proposes a transmitter, where two electromagnetic waves of the same frequency and opposite phase cancel each other and in this way produce electric and magnetic potentials, which are then collected by a remote receiver consisting of another quantum device, the Josephson junction, which is converting the potentials back into the electromagnetic fields so that the voice transmitted in this way can be heard again from a loudspeaker or earphones. As an advantage of his system Puthoff presents the fact that the potentials, unlike the electromagnetic waves, penetrate electromagnetic shielding and can not be overheard by traditional methods. In his patent he writes that he had tested the functionality of his device. It is a question whether those potentials could be converted in human brain and in this way could be used for the control of its activity. If it worked, the electromagnetic shielding could not protect the targeted person. During experiments verifying the Aharonv-Bohm theory certainly the magnetic potential acted on the phase of electrons. So electromagnetic potentials could produce in the human nervous system the electric currents which could control its activity and Puthoff patent, if it works, could be used for remote control of human minds. Puthoff writes in his patent that the transmission of potentials can be directional. It means it could be targeted at specific indiviuals and most probably very low energy would be needed for their transmission.
Russian deputy defense minister Jurij Borisov said on March 30th 2016 during meeting with the representatives of the Russian Academy of Sciences and military-industrial complex that „into the new governmental program of armament for years 2018 – 2025 the successes in the area of weapon based on new physical principles, conductivity of materials (we know, that Victor Sedletski was working in this area of research) hypersound and other technologies must be included to be transferred from the stage of experiments into the practical use“ (139). In this way he reiterated the previous statements of top representatives of Russia.
In October 2016, when the solution of Ukraine crisis was again at the brink of new outbreak of civil war, the leader of the Donetsk Peoples Republic Alexander Zachachenko said at a scientific conference, dedicated to the first world war: „The provocative policy of America leads to unleashing of the third world war, and this war will be waged not only by means of nuclear missiles and aircraft, it will be conducted first of all in minds and hearts“ (140).


While so far there is no conclusive evidence of the existence of psychotronic weapons based on principles of quantum physics, the existence of electromagnetic weapons affecting the functioning of human organism was recently confirmed by Polish defense minister. In the middle of March 2016 Polish minister of defence Antoni Macierewicz visited the University of Father Tadeusz Rydzyk to participate in the discussion on the subject „Problems of actual politics, military conflicts and terrorism”. One of the listeners asked him if Poland has a strategy addressing the illegal experiments with electromagnetic weapons on Polish citizens. The minister replied that his ministry is performing an analysis aimed at finding out in what regions of Poland the people, who are complaining about such attacks, are living and that, according to preliminary information, most of the complaints originate from Lower Silesia and north-western Poland. He also stated that in about half a year he will know more and promised to establish a commission to investigate those complaints (141). His words ran through practically all of the Polish media (142), but no major media in any other European of western state have mentioned it.
The Polish defense minister was the first top politician in the European Union and the whole world who confirmed publicly the existence of electromagnetic weapons, and the fact that those weapons affect the human nervous system and human organism. As well he was not far from confirming that testing is done on unwitting citizens. The Polish defense minister is humanist by education and it seems he had made a brave decision, which is unusual among politicians. From the fact that neither his words nor his promise to establish the investigative commission was published in the European or world media it is evident that he was exposed to the pressure from Western politicians and secret and military services and that for that matter the investigative commission was not established.
In 2015 and 2016 ten European organizations petitioned the European Commission and the European Parliament. In the petitions they explained to them that microwave ovens and cell phones could be rebuilt and used for remote manipulation of human nervous system making it possible even for mafias or other malicious organizations or individuals to put drivers to sleep behind the wheels of their cars or even to kill people at distance and that it is necessary to enact legislations prohibiting the remote manipulation of the human nervous system under harsh penalties and establishing agencies tasked with the detection of transmissions enabling manipulation of the human nervous system. Both organs of the European Union ignored in their replies the threats that were explained to them, evidently trying to extend the secrecy covering the existence of those weapons and their use. While the European Commission tried to excuse itself by saying that such legislation is not in their competency and that those legislations should be enacted by the European Union Member states parliaments, the Committee on Petitions of the European Parliament wrote, that it “has considered your petition and declared it admissible in accordance with the Rules of Procedure of the European Parliament, insofar as its subject matter falls within the sphere of activities of the European Union”. However the Committee on petitions did not initiate any scientific consideration of the threats that were explained to them and referred the petitioners to the “European Parliaments resolution on health concerns associated with electromagnetic fields of 2 April 2009”, which did not address at all the possibility of criminal remote electromagnetic or other attacks on the human nervous system and life.
That they were observing the national security information pertaining to this issue was proved in November 2016, when the widely read Polish weekly NIE published an article where its journalists were asking the Polish Defense Ministry, why it did not come true with its promise and did not establish a commission which was supposed to investigate the complaints of Polish citizens that they are exposed to electromagnetic attacks. According to the article the defense ministry replied that this topic is subjected to national security information connected with  the defense of the nation (143). In this way it was confirmed that the governments of the NATO member states are in possession of those weapons and keep their existence in secret, which means as well, that they can eventually use it against their citizens to manipulate their thoughts or even to cause them harm, if the citizens become dissatisfied with the work of their governments.

Petition you can sign at the address


One could easily put drivers to sleep by pulsing microwaves into the simple sleep frequencies (up to 4 Hz), or with more sophisticated pulsing, one could also stop a person’s heart beat and make him or her die without leaving any evidence of a committed murder. When encoding human speech into pulsed microwaves – the procedure is similar to radio broadcasting – it is possible to transmit either audible or inaudible (ultrasound) messages into the human brain. A human being cannot hear ultrasound messages, but the brain perceives them and a person’s behaviour can be controled and manipulated in this way. The density of electromagnetic energy needed to remotely control the activity of the human nervous system does not exceed the standards set by the European Union and is smaller than the density of cell phone transmissions. Therefore we the undersigned ask you to enact a legislation which would ban the development and use of devices enabling such criminal activity and enable the police of European states to detect such radiations and find their sources. The legislation should also authorize the courts to punish the criminals, who would use it, by harsh sentences. The legislation should ban as well the use of so far unknown or unpublished technologies which enable the remote manipulation of electrical currents in the human brain and nervous system for the same criminal purposes. We are aware from the document Crowd Control Technologies, initiated by you, that some Member states of the European Union (the NATO Member states) have accepted the American doctrine of non-lethal weapons, which includes „systems which can directly interact with the human nervous system“ This was indirectly confirmed in March 2016 by Polish defense minister, when he promised to investigate the complaints of Polish citizens claiming to be suffering from electromagnetic attacks on their nervous system For that matter part of the legislation which you should approve should also be the prohibition of the use of those technologies to the
European Union Memeber states state security agencies against citizens of those states, because the state agencie‘s possession of such technologies would be in sharp contradiction with the democratic constitutions of the member states of the European Union, leaving their citizens defenseless against attacks on their nervous systems or manipulation of their minds while making political decisions.

Since the major European media do not report on this issue (and on Polish news), we may then conclude that the European Union Member states, which are also NATO Member states, are bound to keep those weapons in secret and even bound not to legislate against their use. This our conclusion was confirmed by the Polish weekly NIE. When its journalists were asking the Polish Defense Ministry why it did not fullfil its promise and did not establish a commission which was supposed to investigate the complaints of Polish citizens that they are exposed to electromagnetic attacks, the defense ministry replied that this topic is subjected to national security information connected with  the defense of the nation Because the European Union Member states are bound, by their membership in NATO, to keep in secret the existence of above mentioned technologies, it is evident, that the legislation we are proposing, can be enacted in the European Union Member states only if the principle of subsidiarity is bypassed and the legislation is passed directly by the European Parliament, which is much more powerfull institution than individual parliaments of the European Union Member states.
We have a confidence that you do not support the criminal use of electromagnetic or other energetic fields against the citizens of the European Union member states and that you will enact legislation, which will protect the citizens of the European Union Member states against such attacks and create agencies specialized in the detection of such attacks.
We believe as well that you are aware of the crisis of democracy created by the governments‘ secret possession of means enabling them to remotely manipulate the minds of their citizens.  This is in harsh conflict with the constitutions of the European Union Member States.
We hope that you will stick to the values of respect for human dignity, freedom and democracy embedded in the Treaty on European Union and work for the ban of the use of technologies enabling remote manipulation of the human nervous system and mind on the one hand and against the creation of totalitarian regimes of a new type, on the other.
We remind you that already in 1999 you have called „for an international convention introducing a global ban on all developments and deployments of weapons which might enable any form of manipulation of human beings”|PRG@QUERY|APP@PV2|FILE@BIBLIO99|NUMERO@5|YEAR@99|PLAGE@1&TYPEF=A4&NUMB=1&DATEF=990128 (where you have omitted the originally proposed wording „which seeks to apply knowledge of the chemical, electrical, sound vibration or other functioning of the human brain“
Since than you have done nothing to protect European citizens against remote attacks on their nervous system.


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